This baby is great at basketball, trick shots (VIDEO)

As much as those of us at BDL love the NBA, the fact of the matter is that we have lives outside of the world of basketball. Like you, we enjoy things like puppies, rainbows, and babies. But it's also true that if a puppy, rainbow, or baby ever played basketball we'd really love it, because it'd combine our professional passion and a source of universal human enjoyment.

So, with that, we are proud to present this video of a baby named Titus sinking all sorts of trick shots. It's pretty amazing for anyone to accomplish these feats, but it's even better when it comes from a child that's still learning basic motor skills. In 18 years, I'm pretty sure we'll see Titus leading the NBA's London SuperSonics to an intergalactic championship. He has that much talent.

Tom Ley of Deadspin chose to criticize Titus's shooting form, but only a staunch traditionalist would think that will limit his NBA opportunities. Five-time All-Star Tim Hardaway shot with a similar over-the-head form, and Kevin Martin of the Oklahoma City Thunder shoots his jumpers with a motion that looks extremely uncomfortable. If it works for Titus, he can figure out a way.

Just imagine what this kid will accomplish once he's potty-trained.

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