Baby goat yoga is the cutest fitness experience

Sweet Spot

Getting to that yogic zone just got a whole lot easier, thanks to adorable baby goats. Black Goat Farm and Sanctuary, in Ontario, Canada, runs an animal rescue that helps injured, orphaned, and abused farm animals. The organization teamed up with Grimsby Yoga and Wellness Studio to give yogis a one-of-a-kind experience.

Baby goat yoga is designed to bring animal lovers closer to these fur babies, as well as to raise money to help the sanctuary. A spokesperson for Grimsby Yoga said, “We've raised a total of $2,970 and collected dozens of towels, blankets, and sheets for the rescue.” The classes involve typical yoga poses but in the presence of curious baby goats that sometimes climb on your back — really!

Goat yoga has also become increasingly popular stateside. California, New Hampshire, and New York have joined in on the trend. Celebrities are also jumping on board. Khloé Kardashian and Kevin Hart tried a class in Hart’s new YouTube original series, What the Fit. The experience, as you can imagine, was hilarious.

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