B/R writer finds Saints in quarterback limbo beyond the 2024 season

The New Orleans Saints have been looking for their quarterback of the future since Drew Brees. Injuries to Jameis Winston robbed of a proper chance to prove his case, positive or negative. New Orleans abandoned the bargain contract quarterback route and traded for Derek Carr last offseason.

Bleacher Report’s Brad Gagnon broke down the quarterback situation of every team. There’s no high profile veteran quarterback, so each squad has solidified. Gagnon used age, trajectory, experience, contract, injury history and the state of the team to come up with a quick summation to divide each team into three categories.

If Derek Carr fails to deliver at age 33 in 2024, they could blow it up and cut their losses while saving $30 million with a post-June 1 release.

This synopsis finds the Saints in the “somewhere in between” section. In other words, it’s still unclear how aggressively they will need to pursue a quarterback next offseason. The aren’t guaranteed to be in the quarterback market and nothing says they are secure for years to come.

Derek Carr and the entire regime likely finds itself in the same situation going into the 2024 season, perform or be moved on from. Carr numbers look better than he actually performed. He often struggled to start games before gaining production in the second half of a losing effort.

Carr must, also, prove that stretch at the end of the year can be replicated against quality teams. The Saints offensive speed bump against the Rams remains reason to doubt how much New Orleans’ offense turned the corner late last season.

Story originally appeared on Saints Wire