'This is an awful decision that needs to be reversed'

Your views
Your views

We asked for your views on Manchester United's decision to move some fans' seating location at Old Trafford.

The relocation process will mean that young players can sit in the South Stand seats which are located near the dugouts.

Here are some your thoughts on this news:

Paul: Give the Academy players the Glazers' seats. Their seats were wasted anyway because they know nothing about football. They may as well have been watching the clouds disperse above themselves!

Jim: This is an awful decision that needs to be reversed. It sends the message that fans don’t really matter. It’s terrible PR that is totally avoidable.

Bill: It is apparent that we are 'commodities' and not a 'community' to Man Utd. Extremely disappointed in our treatment - after 15 years of loyal support we are being relocated to inferior seats without any consultation.

Karen: I'm one of the fans affected and I am disgusted with the decision. I see and hear so much said about United being a fan-friendly club but where does this sit with that? The reasons for it are weak and needless, especially given the impending redevelopment of the stadium in a few years. It needs reversing... fast, to avoid further embarrassment.

Paul: I can’t see the problem. Most seats at Old Trafford have a great view, so what’s the worry? Seat prices are such good value. People should stop moaning and consider themselves lucky they have a seat.

Bill: I feel disappointed and let down by Manchester United’s choice to move season ticket holders from block 122. It certainly doesn’t make me feel like part of the community.

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