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    DJ Dunson

    DJ Dunson

    DJ Dunson is a Yahoo Sports contributor.
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    The Celtics' decade of antagonizing LeBron James has come full circle

    Past is prologue for LeBron James and the Boston Celtics. Few things have remained constant during James’ 15-years in the NBA. Out West, the San Antonio Spurs’ senescence is reaching critical mass, and Golden State, a modern juggernaut, wasn’t on James’ radar prior to his 30th birthday.

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    Hassan Whiteside stays on brand and blames coaches for his no good, terrible, rotten, very bad play

    Hassan Whiteside and Joel Embiid are living mirror universe versions of each other’s lives as towering, muscle-bound shot-swatters with antipodal dispositions. Whereas Embiid is generally a goofy, lovable jester, Whiteside has cultivated an image as Miami’s Oscar The Grouch. He's the saltiest $100 million man in the entire NBA. Embiid's prominence is swelling as Whiteside's shrinks.

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    Patty Mills nearly went into Zaza Pachulia mode late in Game 3 loss to Warriors

    Zaza Pachulia and Kawhi Leonard haven’t played a single minute in the first round of the NBA Playoffs, however, their energy was felt in the waning seconds of Golden State's 110-97 win over the San Antonio Spurs. The result seemed trivial in the aftermath of Erin Popovich’s passing. Yet, the NBA postseason must continue rotating on its axis. Assistant Ettore Messina assumed the role of head coach in Popovich's stead. While San Antonio spent every bullet in their chamber, Golden State’s deus ex machina offense was simply overwhelming.

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    Jrue Holiday, Rajon Rondo have stifled Portland's renowned backcourt

    The New Orleans Pelicans’ stunning 2-0 lead over the Portland Trail Blazers has been an ode to their underestimated backcourt.

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    Andre Iguodala has manually flipped Golden State's playoff switch

    Andre Iguodala has emerged as a productive surrogate during the incipient stages of this postseason.

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    Arizona could recoup $1 million from Sean Miller as penalty after amendments are made to his contract

    Sean Miller appears to have survived the turmoil brought about by an ESPN report, which alleged that he was caught on an FBI wire discussing a $100,000 payment to center Deandre Ayton. In the aftermath, the golden parachute hidden in his contract, which would have netted him $10.3 million if he was fired with cause came under scrutiny. This week it was amended and approved by the Board of Regents.

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    LeBron James' missed free throw squashed Cleveland's 30-point comeback bid

    LeBron James was spectacular after the Cleveland Cavaliers fell behind by 30 in the first half to the Philadelphia 76ers on Friday night. James played fireman in the second half, not just calming Philadelphia’s all-consuming scoreboard blaze, but also mounting a serious comeback bid. Ben Simmons produced like a facsimile of James with 27 points (on 12-of-17 shooting), 15 rebounds and 13 assists.

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    Cam Newton crashed his Ferrari into a dump truck

    Per TMZ, Newton was driving his $300,000 Ferrari F12 around Atlanta on Thursday afternoon when he somehow collided with a local dump truck. Fortunately, Newton bolstered his reputation as the Man of Steel-o by walking away unscathed while the dump truck shrugged it off with minimal damage.

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    76ers co-owner arranged for Markelle Fultz and Ben Simmons to visit Meek Mill in prison

    The plight of Meek Mill has turned him into a talisman of sorts for Philadelphia sports franchises. The Philadelphia Eagles used Meek’s “Dreams and Nightmares” track as their pregame Super Bowl introductions. In December, Joel Embiid visited Meek Mill in a Pennsylvania prison.