Australian Open: Novak Djokovic survives longest first-round match of his grand slam career

Australian Open 2024 live: Novak Djokovic vs Dino Prizmic score and latest updates
Novak Djokovic is now 29 matches unbeaten at the Australian Open - AP/Andy Wong

Novak Djokovic was given a scare by Croatian teenager Dino Prizmic in the longest first-round match of his grand slam career.

The world number one is a big favourite to win an 11th title at Melbourne Park, where he has not lost since 2018, but he dropped the second set as 18-year-old Prizmic showed what makes him a major talent for the future.

The qualifier was briefly a break up in the third set and kept battling after Djokovic stepped things up before the defending champion finally clinched a 6-2 6-7 (5) 6-3 6-4 victory on his seventh match point after four hours and one minute.

This is Djokovic’s 73rd grand slam tournament and he was full of praise for debutant Prizmic, saying: “He deserved every applause, every credit that he got tonight.

“He’s an amazing player I must say, so mature for his age. This is his moment and it could easily have been his match as well. He made me really run for my money for sure tonight. Amazing performance for someone that is 18 years old that has never had experience of playing on this stage.

“I certainly want to be in his corner, so hopefully he will invite me because we’re going to be seeing a lot of him in the future.”

Novak Djokovic and Dino Prizmic shared a warm embrace at the net afterwards
Novak Djokovic and Dino Prizmic shared a warm embrace at the net afterwards - William West/AFP

The signs did not look good for Prizmic when he dropped his opening service game and then took a medical time-out at 2-3 for treatment to his left groin.

He already had tape on his right arm and could find nothing to hurt Djokovic in the first set, but things began to change early in the second.

Djokovic won a staggering 17 of his 19 tie-breaks at grand slams in 2023, including 15 in a row from the second round in Melbourne to the Wimbledon final, but here he played a very poor one and suddenly what had seemed a straightforward occasion became anything but.

Both players were stretched to their limits over four hours
Both players were stretched to their limits over four hours - Julian Finney/Getty Images
But Djokovic eventually got the job done in just over four hours
But Djokovic eventually got the job done in just over four hours - Julian Finney/Getty Images

Djokovic, who was dabbing his brow and puffing his cheeks, was making a lot of uncharacteristic errors and Prizmic fought back from 2-0 down in the third set to lead by a break at 3-2.

There was concern on the face of Djokovic’s coach Goran Ivanisevic, who was among the spectators watching his countryman Prizmic’s run to the French Open junior title last year.

Djokovic ultimately found a way through, but the 36-year-old’s rivals will have been watching closely.

“I’m double his age,” said the 10-time champion with a rueful smile. “Reality hits hard tonight. I struggled in many different moments, but he had an answer for everything. Now I have a couple of days, so hopefully I’ll be able to be at my best for the next match.”

Djokovic beats Prizmic  6-2 6-7 (5) 6-3 6-4: how match unfolded:

12:45 PM GMT

Remember the name - Dino Prizmic

Australian Open: Novak Djokovic survives longest first-round match of his grand slam career
Dino Prizmic gave Djokovic a massive scare - Reuters/Issei Kato

12:41 PM GMT

Djokovic: I wish I could have played better

I started off very well but when you think about it, jeez, I’m double his age. Reality hits hard. I’m really trying to enjoy every moment on the court.

He had an answer to everything, he was very physical. I had good moments. In some moments I wish I could have played better, more aggressively.

It has been a short off-season and I am still finding myself physically but I have a couple of days off before my next match.

12:34 PM GMT

Djokovic hails Prizmic

He is an amazing player, he handled himself incredibly well on the court. This is his moment. He fought from 4-0 down [in the fourth set] and break points down. He showed great mentality and resilience.

Honestly I have many compliments for him. I love the way he uses every inch of the court, he’s comfortable to come in, he defends incredible well. Just an amazing performance for someone who is 18 years old and has never had experience on this stage. We are going to see a lot of him in the future.

12:24 PM GMT

WATCH: The winning moment for Djokovic

12:20 PM GMT

Djokovic 6-2, 6-7, 6-3, 6-4 Prizmic

Djokovic earns himself three more match points as we pass the four hour mark.

Prizmic stays in the match with a forehand winner, 40-15. Then Djokovic pushes a wild forehand long. Prizmic shakes his racket. He still believes...

But Djokovic finally closes out a major test when Prizmic can’t get a backhand back into play.

Warm words at the net between the two players. Djokovic implores the crowd to applaud the Croatian who was excellent today and they duly deliver. Great performance.

Australian Open 2024 live: Novak Djokovic vs Dino Prizmic score and latest updates
Novak Djokovic is through to the second round - Getty Images/William West

12:12 PM GMT

Latest update from Simon Briggs in Melbourne

This is about to be the longest first-round grand-slam match of Novak’s career, beating 3hr 57min v Gael Monfils, US Open, 2005

12:11 PM GMT

Djokovic* 6-2, 6-7, 6-3, 5-4 Prizmic

Djokovic playing like he wants to finish this match now as he moves to 0-30.

Three match points for Djokovic after a lovely drop shot winner beats the desperate efforts for Prizmic. The Croat fends off one match point with a big first serve. And then the second when Djokovic pushes a forehand long. Can he saved a third?

Yes he can! Djokovic sends his backhand return long, deuce. A fourth match point is saved by Prizmic.

And Prizmic survives another game when Djokovic nets a backhand. Djokovic will serve for the match next.

12:03 PM GMT

Djokovic 6-2, 6-7, 6-3, 5-3 Prizmic*

Love hold from Djokovic to put himself a game away from the second round.

12:02 PM GMT

Djokovic* 6-2, 6-7, 6-3, 4-3 Prizmic

Djokovic’s level has just dropped slightly and Prizmic has regained his legs a little bit. And he wins back-to-back games to keep himself in touch with the world No 1.

Cameras show Aryna Sabalenka patiently waiting for this match to finish so she can start her own.

11:57 AM GMT

Latest update from Simon Briggs in Melbourne

Whatever happens, we will be hearing a lot more about Prizmic. His run through qualies echoes what Djokovic did here as a 17-year-old, also qualifying and then running into a top player in the first round proper. That was Marat Safin, who went on to win the tournament.

One suspects that Djokovic - assuming that he can get through this opening test - might emulate Safin by lifting the Norman Brookes Challenge Cup at the end of the fortnight.

11:57 AM GMT

Djokovic 6-2, 6-7, 6-3, 4-2 Prizmic*

Prizmic waits for Djokovic to commit to his left then whips a forehand to the open court on the right, 15-30. Hmmmmm. Great discipline from Prizmic in an 18-shot rally and Djokovic misses with a backhand, two break points.

Djokovic saves the first after striking a forehand into the corner and Prizmic can’t get the ball back in play.

Oh wow. A lifeline for Prizmic. A small one but he’ll take it. His backhand clips the net cord and the ball bounces short on Djokovic’s side of the court.

This young man is not going away.

11:49 AM GMT


11:48 AM GMT

Djokovic* 6-2, 6-7, 6-3, 4-1 Prizmic

This is the first time Djokovic has gone past three hours in a first round match at a Grand Slam since the US Open in 2010.

On commentary, Kyrgios backs Prizmic is reach the top 100 by the end of the year after what he’s shown today. And I can’t argue with that statement from the Aussie.

This set hasn’t been in keeping with the overall quality of this match. Once Djokovic saved those two break points in the third set, he has gradually taken control.

An outrageous Djokovic forehand return drops in for a winner to make it 30-40. Prizmic hangs on with back-to-back aces to give him game point and he finishes an impressive hold with a forehand winner.

No fourth set bagel for Djokovic!

11:43 AM GMT

Djokovic 6-2, 6-7, 6-3, 4-0 Prizmic*

Djokovic’s full skillset is on display now as he hits a masterful drop volley. He’s starting to have fun now, holding serve again with an ace.

11:40 AM GMT

Djokovic* 6-2, 6-7, 6-3, 3-0 Prizmic

Relentless Djokovic breaks his opponent again to secure the double break. Prizmic looks wearily at his coaching box. He knows this match is done...

11:38 AM GMT

Latest update from Simon Briggs in Melbourne

This has been an unusually sketchy performance from Djokovic, who made 42 unforced errors over the first three sets - an absolute deluge by his usually miserly standards. It’s possible that he is feeling under the weather, judging by how bunged-up he sounded at Sunday’s pre-tournament press conference, and the trouble he has had with sweaty hands during this match.

He also started the match in an unusually aggressive style, rolling the dice with a lot of his groundstrokes when he would normally grind the other guy down. In longer rallies - those of nine shots or more - he has won less than 40 per cent, which suggests that his stamina tonight is not at its usual levels.

11:33 AM GMT

Djokovic 6-2, 6-7, 6-3, 2-0 Prizmic*

Plenty of admiration from Kyrgios towards Djokovic. Praises his mental toughness and ability to win even when he’s not at his great.

On the court, Djokovic does seem to be in full control of the match. Physically Prizmic’s energy levels look lower and that’s understandable given the effort he’s put into this match.

Djokovic holds to 15 to consolidate the break.

11:30 AM GMT

Fourth set: Djokovic* 6-2, 6-7, 6-3, 1-0 Prizmic

I would not be surprised if this ends up being the longest match Djokovic plays in this year’s tournament. He won’t want too many more gruelling examinations on his way to the final.

Wild backhand by Prizmic into the net, 30-30. He responds with an excellent forehand winner down the line, 40-30.

But he’s forced to deuce when he misses a backhand. Prizmic gets a look at a backhand volley but nets, break point.

Djokovic senses the opportunity to go on the attack, he pushes Prizmic deeper and deeper and the Croatian finally breaks down when his attempted backhand down the line goes just wide.

11:19 AM GMT

Djokovic 6-2, 6-7, 6-3 Prizmic*

Djokovic starts the game by netting a backhand then pushes a forehand into the tramlines. Every time you think Djokovic has the momentum, Prizmic hits back.

Djokovic finds a backhand down the line when he needs it most, Prizmic didn’t see it coming, reacts late and his defensive forehand drifts long, 30-30.

Set point Djokovic. Djokovic pushes Prizmic corner to corner, killing the young man’s legs and Prizmic succumbs when he sends a defensive forehand goes long. Djokovic is fired up as he roars in the direction of the crowd and pumps his fist. This has been a real battle for him.

Uphill task for Prizmic to fight back from this position.

11:11 AM GMT

Djokovic* 6-2, 6-7, 5-3 Prizmic

Huge point coming up at 30-30 after Prizmic hits a forehand long. The Croat nets a tired looking backhand and it’s break point Djokovic.

Second successive break for Djokovic as he goes into lockdown mode, turns the screw and forces the error from Prizmic.

Djokovic to serve for the set next.

11:04 AM GMT

Djokovic 6-2, 6-7, 4-3 Prizmic*

Just when it seemed Djokovic might take over, more errors from him lead to two break points for Prizmic.

Djokovic saves the first with a cleanly hit overhead winner, 30-40. He then makes it deuce with a textbook first serve down the T which swings away for an ace.

Djokovic hangs on and edges in front again. You wonder how important those two missed break points will be...

Australian Open 2024 live: Novak Djokovic vs Dino Prizmic score and latest updates
Dino Prizmic is playing excellently - Reuters/Issei Kato

10:58 AM GMT

Djokovic* 6-2, 6-7, 3-3 Prizmic

As I said earlier, it’s not a break unless you consolidate it. Huge pressure on Prizmic now as he gets ready to serve. He’ll know Djokovic is not going anywhere. A change in shirt for Djokovic, the blue has been discarded for white.

Tight forehand into the net from Prizmic, 15-30. Djokovic in attack mode and Prizmic buckles, sending a backhand into the tramlines. Two break points.

He saves the first after an incredible point leaves Djokovic going down on the stretch. He then rescues the situation when he whips a forehand winner down the line, deuce.

Error from Prizmic and Djokovic has another break point. Prizmic forehand into the tramlines. Djokovic breaks back.

His powers of recovery are absurd.

10:49 AM GMT

Djokovic 6-2, 6-7, 2-3 Prizmic*

Incredible point. Unreal athleticism and hustle from Prizmic to stay in the rally, reach a Djokovic drop shot and win the point when the Serb can’t get the ball back in play after a volleying battle, 15-30.

Djokovic finds a serve down the T and Prizmic nets the return, 30-30. Double fault by Djokovic, just his first of the match, deuce.

Devilish sliced forehand by Prizmic, the ball stays low and Djokovic nets an attempted forehand down the line, break point. Huge second serve from Djokovic, 189km/h, and Prizmic sends a forehand return long.

Djokovic just can’t get out of this service game. The intensity of the ball striking is taking its toll on both players as they wearily walk to their towels.

Prizmic is clearly feeling it as he forces a fifth deuce with a scorching forehand winner down the line. The crowd are chanting: “Dino, Dino, Dino.”

Djokovic responds with a second serve ace and cups his ear to the crowd. He heard their chants. We’re 40 minutes into this third set and the fifth game isn’t over yet!

Deep Prizmic return at Djokovic’s feet and the Serbian nets a forehand, break point...

Prizmic gets a look at Djokovic’s second serve but he sends a forehand long. That was the first sign of nerves from Prizmic. But he gets himself another break chance when Djokovic pushes a forehand long.

Djokovic forehand into the net and Prizmic breaks again! What a story we have developing here. Wow.

Kyrgios on Eurosport:

That belief now is there. Prizmic thinks he can win this and he is playing unbelievable.

10:32 AM GMT

Djokovic* 6-2, 6-7, 2-2 Prizmic

More strapping on that left thigh for Prizmic at the changeover. Two hours and nine minutes into this one. This has to be the most physically exhausting match he’s played. How long can he keep it up?

At the moment, Prizmic is showing so much grit and determination. And he is forcing Djokovic into errors.

Djokovic nets a forehand return, 40-30 and Prizmic gets level when the world No 1 nets another return.

Australian Open 2024 live: Novak Djokovic vs Dino Prizmic score and latest updates
Novak Djokovic is in a battle against Croatia's Dino Prizmic - Reuters/Issei Kato

10:26 AM GMT

Djokovic 6-2, 6-7, 2-1 Prizmic*

Prizmic slides into a cross-court forehand passing shot on the opening point which beats Djokovic. Djokovic then misses a forehand on the run, 15-30.

Prizmic gets Djokovic off balance and the Serb pushes a backhand into the tramlines, break point.

Sensational, high level tennis and Prizmic break Djokovic again after he nets a tired looking backhand.

This is becoming a brilliant match to watch.

10:19 AM GMT

Djokovic* 6-2, 6-7, 2-0 Prizmic

9+ shots rallies won through the first two sets: Djokovic - 14, Prizmic - 18. That shows how good this young man has been tonight but can he keep it up? We know Djokovic can!

Man down! Prizmic goes down after stretching to reach an excellent forehand return by Djokovic, 15-30.

Prizmic responds with a big serve which Djokovic fails to return, 30-30. Break out Djokovic after a Prizmic error.

A gift from Prizmic as he double faults. Momentum back with Djokovic now.

10:14 AM GMT

Third set: Djokovic 6-2, 6-7, 1-0 Prizmic* (*denotes next server)

Have to admit I didn’t see that coming from Prizmic after the first set. So impressive. And Djokovic has a match on his hands now.

Blistering forehand return winner by Prizmic, 144km/h, makes it 15-30. Great hustle and footwork by Prizmic and he finishes with an overhead winner, deuce.

Djokovic sees off the danger to hold.

10:06 AM GMT

Djokovic 6-2, 6-7 Prizmic - TIEBREAK

Djokovic backhand into the net, 2-5. Really bad miss by the world No 1. Kyrgios is stunned on commentary.

Djokovic forehand just wide, 2-6. Four set points for the Croat.

Prizmic squanders the first chance, 3-6. Prizmic slices a defensive backhand into the net, 4-6. Prizmic forehand return long, 5-6. One set point left...

Djokovic forehand into the tramlines, 5-7. Wow. What an effort from the 18-year-old qualifier.

10:01 AM GMT

Djokovic 6-2, 6-6 Prizmic - TIEBREAK

Defensive Djokovic forehand into the net, 0-1. Big second serve by Djokovic and Prizmic’s forehand return is wide, 1-1. Fist pump from Prizmic after Djokovic nets a backhand, 1-2. Prizmic forehand into the net, 2-2.

The crowd begins to chant: “Nole, Nole, Nole.”

Djokovic missed a backhand and shouts out towards the direction of the crowd, 2-3. Prizmic backhand return clips the net tape, Djokovic is forced to hit a drop shot but nets, 2-4.

09:55 AM GMT

Djokovic 6-2, 6-6 Prizmic*

Djokovic once again sees off the threat of dropping the set by holding serve easily and sets up a tiebreak.

Must win tiebreak for Prizmic. Last year, Djokovic won 31 of the 34 he played. Wow.

Australian Open 2024 live: Novak Djokovic vs Dino Prizmic score and latest updates
Dino Prizmic reacts after a point - Getty Images/William West

09:52 AM GMT

Djokovic* 6-2, 5-6 Prizmic

Djokovic is trying to go for a little bit more and it is leading to more errors from his racket. His radar is off and giving Prizmic the cheap points he is craving for.

Prizmic guarantees himself at least a tiebreak with a service hold to love.

09:50 AM GMT

Djokovic 6-2, 5-5 Prizmic*

Prizmic rushes Djokovic into an error, 30-15. Another forehand error from Djokovic makes it 40-30. Prizmic forehand into the net and Djokovic hangs on.

Clear to me that Prizmic belongs at this level. Better players have done a lot worse against Djokovic.

09:44 AM GMT

Djokovic* 6-2, 4-5 Prizmic

I thought the pressure could hit Prizmic in this game but what do I know! He earns some cheap points from Djokovic and moves to 40-0 with ease.

He then completes a very impressive hold to 15 with a good wide first serve when Djokovic can’t get back into play.

Prizmic is now a game away from the set. He couldn’t could he??

09:41 AM GMT

Djokovic 6-2, 4-4 Prizmic*

Another routine service game by Djokovic and he finishes it with a serve and volley winner for the first time.

That shows how comfortable he is feeling out there. Big game for Prizmic coming up...

09:36 AM GMT

Djokovic* 6-2, 3-4 Prizmic

Djokovic has entered lockdown mode, getting every ball back with interest. But Prizmic is showing no signs of slowing down and continues to keep himself in the match. The game moves to 30-30 and this next point could be critical.

Another punishing rally between the two men, 21 shots and it’s Djokovic who breaks first, hitting a backhand wide.

And Prizmic hits his fourth ace to hold. There’s a lot to like about his kid. Great resilience.

Australian Open 2024 live: Novak Djokovic wins first set against Dino Prizmic – latest updates
Novak Djokovic hits a return - Getty Images/William West

09:31 AM GMT

Djokovic 6-2, 3-3 Prizmic*

Normal service resumes for Djokovic as he moves serenely to 40-15. And holds to 30 with a forehand winner.

09:23 AM GMT

Djokovic* 6-2, 2-3 Prizmic

It is not a break of serve until you consolidate and Djokovic is the very best at breaking back after dropping serve.

Prizmic can’t find a first serve and Djokovic moves to 0-30. Another missed first serve followed by a forehand long and Djokovic has two break back points.

0/5 on first serves for Prizmic, Djokovic hits a deep return and the youngster mis-hits a forehand long again.

That didn’t take him long to break back.

09:20 AM GMT

Djokovic 6-2, 1-3 Prizmic*

Looks like Prizmic received medication from the doctor.

Slight opening for Prizmic here. Djokovic nets a drop shot and for the first time finds himself down, 15-30.

Point of the match so far. Huge hitting from Prizmic. He is finally taking it to Djokovic, then hits an unbelievable stretch volley which Djokovic reaches but allows an easy put away volley for Prizmic. Two break points.

Djokovic is handed a time violation for taking too long to serve. He hides his frustration with a smile.

Oh my word. Shot of the match by Prizmic! He cracks a forehand pass beyond Djokovic for a winner and the crowd are on their feet. Brilliant shot to break Djokovic for the first time.

Game on?

09:13 AM GMT

Djokovic* 6-2, 1-2 Prizmic

Longest rally of the match, 23 high-quality strikes and Prizmic comes out on top when Djokovic mis-hits a forehand long. That was good to see from the Croatian.

Fist pump from Prizmic after a forehand winner down the line, 40-0. And he holds with an ace. But the tournament doctor comes out and speaks to him...

09:09 AM GMT

Djokovic 6-2, 1-1 Prizmic*

Djokovic continues to be imperious on serve. It’s all business as he holds to 15 with an overhead winner.

09:06 AM GMT

Second Set: Djokovic* 6-2, 0-1 Prizmic (*denotes next server)

Whatever happens tonight, Prizmic will learn a lot about himself. If he can physically stay in this match, there’s always a chance he has to believe.

And he makes a great start to the set with a forehand winner down the line to claim the opening game.

09:00 AM GMT

Djokovic 6-2 Prizmic*

More treatment for Prizmic at this changeover as he gets strapping applied to his left leg. Serving for the opening set, Djokovic gets another cheap point when Prizmic sends a forehand return long.

Prizmic backhand long and it’s two set points for Djokovic. And he gets it done at the very first attempt with and ace down the T.

08:56 AM GMT

Djokovic* 5-2 Prizmic

You can hear the effort levels from Prizmic. The grunting is getting louder as Djokovic drags him across the court.

A forehand into the net from Prizmic and Djokovic has three break points. Forehand wide by Prizmic and Djokovic breaks for the second time in the set.

Prizmic turns to his support box and vents his frustration.

08:51 AM GMT

Djokovic 4-2 Prizmic*

Problems for Prizmic. At the changeover, he receives treatment for a left thigh issue. The physio gets to work on it as a medical timeout is called. He has three minutes to get help.

Prizmic had to come through three qualifying matches to get into the main draw so maybe that has taken its toll.

The timeout ends and Prizmic strides back onto the court. Hopefully, the treatment has had the desired effect.

Once the game gets underway, Djokovic doesn’t allow his opponent any time to settle and races to 40-0.

He then holds when Prizmic sends a forehand long.

Australian Open 2024 live: Novak Djokovic vs Dino Prizmic score and latest updates
Dino Prizmic receives medical attention - Reuters/Issei Kato

08:45 AM GMT

Djokovic* 3-2 Prizmic

We’ve already had 11 rallies with at least nine shots. Both players are in rhythm and striking the ball nicely in the opening stages. Probably helps that the weather conditions are quite mild for this time of year. Usually we are talking about extreme heat conditions but tonight it’s only 21C in Melbourne.

First ace of the match for Prizmic gives him his second game.

08:40 AM GMT

Djokovic 3-1 Prizmic*

One of the big problems for Prizmic today is not only is he playing the greatest returner in the history of the sport but also one of the best servers in the game.

It is such an underrated weapon for him. Gives him so many cheap points. A real baptism of fire for Prizmic in his first grand slam match.

Djokovic holds to 15 comfortably.

Australian Open 2024 live: Novak Djokovic vs Dino Prizmic score and latest updates
Novak Djokovic plays a backhand return - AP/Andy Wong

08:35 AM GMT

Djokovic* 2-1 Prizmic

You want Prizmic to get on the board sooner rather than later just to help him settle otherwise Djokovic could run away with this.

And he puts himself in a great position to win his first game of the match with a lovely cross-court forehand pass beyond Djokovic, 40-0.

A second double fault from Prizmic keeps Djokovic in the game then the Serb whips a vicious forehand winner to really crank up the pressure.

But Prizmic does open his account when Djokovic hits a cross-court forehand into the tramlines.

08:30 AM GMT

Djokovic 2-0 Prizmic*

Prizmic’s right arm is all taped up. Hopefully that doesn’t become an issue for him in the match. Four-time Australian Open champion Andre Agassi is sitting front row for this one and he applauds as Djokovic holds to 15 to consolidate the break.

08:26 AM GMT

First Set: Novak Djokovic* 1-0 Dino Prizmic (*denotes next server)

Prizmic will serve first to start the match. He will want to make a positive start but ominously for him, straight out of the blocks, Djokovic drills a backhand winner down the line.

Not much power on the Prizmic serve. Perhaps it’s nerves and he is not feeling loose yet. He double faults to make it, 0-30. But he finally gets on the board after Djokovic nets a backhand, 15-30.

Kyrgios doesn’t think Prizmic has the weapons to trouble Djokovic and I’m inclined to argue based on the earlier stages.

Break point Djokovic after Prizmic sends a forehand well long. Relief for the youngster as Djokovic pushes a backhand long, deuce.

World class court coverage from Djokovic, he drags Prizmic to the net with a dropshot and flicks a forehand into the open court to earn another break point.

But Prizmic hangs on again after a Djokovic’s return goes long. Prizimic slides into a defensive forehand slice after a brilliant backhand down the line from Djokovic but the ball goes long, third break point.

Prizimic backhand into the net and Djokovic makes the ideal start by breaking serve.

08:14 AM GMT

Here we go!

The players walk through the classy corridor of champions on Rod Laver Arena and wait for their names to be called by the stadium announcer.

Prizmic is first onto court, followed by Djokovic, who is dressed all in blue and receives a warm welcome as the reigning champ.

A bit of info about Djokovic’s opponent. Prizmic is 18-years-old and ranked 178th in the world. He hails from Split, Croatia and his record as a professional is three wins, six defeats.

Australian Open 2024 live: Novak Djokovic vs Dino Prizmic score and latest updates
Novak Djokovic waves as he arrives on court - Getty Images/William West

08:05 AM GMT

Not long to go...

Djokovic and Prizmic will be on court very shortly and we will have Nick Kyrgios in the commentary booth giving his insights.

The Australian isn’t writing off the teenager saying: “Anything is possible.”

07:55 AM GMT

WATCH: Rublev survives opening round scare

07:52 AM GMT


07:46 AM GMT

Sinner cruises through

Fourth seed Jannik Sinner got off to a winning start in his bid to claim his first grand slam title at the Australian Open as the Italian defeated unseeded Dutchman Botic van de Zandschulp 6-4, 7-5, 6-3 in the opening round.

Sinner, who enjoyed a strong finish to 2023 by reaching the ATP Finals title clash before guiding Italy to a Davis Cup triumph, was slightly off the pace after playing no competitive matches in the build-up to the year’s first major.

Elsewhere, Czech ninth seed Barbora Krejcikova appeared to be struggling in her first-round clash with Japan’s Mai Hontama, but the 2021 French Open champion bounced back from a sluggish start to find her stride and win 2-6, 6-4, 6-3.

“It was a really, really difficult match. I was struggling, but I believed I could come back and level up my game,” Krejcikova said.

And world number 93 Kamilla Rakhimova took the honour of being the first player into the second round after beating American Emina Bektas 6-4 6-4 in windy conditions on court six.

Novak Djokovic vs Dino Prizmic live: Scores and updates from Australian Open 2024
Jannik Sinner is safely into the second round - Shutterstock/Lukas Coch

07:39 AM GMT

More injury woe for Berrettini

Matteo Berrettini pulled out of the Australian Open without playing a match as his injury woes continued.

The former Wimbledon finalist had been due to face Stefanos Tsitsipas in the first round on Monday in one of the plum ties of the first round.

But on Sunday afternoon the tournament announced he had withdrawn with a right foot injury, making it the fourth time in the last eight grand slam tournaments where he has not been able to play a match.

The Italian, a semi-finalist in Melbourne in 2022, has been sidelined since suffering an ankle injury during his second-round match against Arthur Rinderknech at the US Open.

He has been replaced in the draw by Belgian lucky loser Zizou Bergs, who will now take on Tsitsipas.

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Burrage knocked out

Jodie Burrage was left frustrated by a lengthy toilet break taken by opponent Tamara Korpatsch and her own inability to prevent a collapse on her Australian Open debut.

The British number two admitted it was “panic stations” as the first-round match slipped away from her at Melbourne Park.

Burrage dominated the first set against her German opponent but Korpatsch, who was beaten by Emma Raducanu in the first round here 12 months ago, turned things around after heading to the bathroom and eventually ran away with a 2-6, 6-3, 6-0 defeat.

The tactical use of toilet breaks has been a hot topic in recent seasons, and players now only have three minutes, but that does not count the time walking to and from the court.

Burrage said:

I’m not sure why it was so long. I did ask (the umpire), and he said, ‘Yes, she’s used her three minutes, she’s just on her way back’. But then that took another few minutes. I get that it’s a big park, though, so maybe it just took a long time for her to get there.

You’ve just got to keep playing matches and get used to how you want to deal with when your opponent is changing up the rhythm of it and trying to disrupt your rhythm, which is what she did in the second and third (sets) because it seemed like every change it was something different, whether it was her shoe or her rackets or towel.

Novak Djokovic vs Dino Prizmic live: Scores and updates from Australian Open 2024
Jodie Burrage lost in three sets to Tamara Korpatsch of Germany - AP/Alessandra Tarantino

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Overnight in Melbourne

A lot has already happened on the first day, let’s get you up to speed...

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Australian Open betting offers and free bets

Having a bet on the tennis? First take a look at these Australian Open betting offers for the best free bets.

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Australian Open 2024

It’s that time of year folks!

Hello and welcome to coverage of the Australian Open, the first grand slam of the year from Melbourne.

After a short off-season and build up, the tennis season is well and truly underway and defending champion Novak Djokovic will kick off the night session against 18-year-old Croatian Dino Prizmic, who won the junior title at last year’s French Open.

The world No 1 is on a 28-match winning streak at Melbourne Park, a 10-time winner of the tournament and once again the man to beat.

“It’s no secret that I verbalise my goals and I say clearly that I want to win every slam that I play in,” said the Serbian.

“It’s no different this year. I’m just hoping I can start the season in a way that I have been starting my seasons, most of my seasons, throughout my career: with a win here in Australia, in Melbourne. My favourite place, no doubt. The court where I’ve done great things and achieved my greatest grand slam results.

“I hope that I’m going to be able to, if not play at the level that I did last year, then be very close to that, because that was one of the best tennis levels that I’ve ever played, here in Australia last year. The season is so long. Grand slams, Olympics, those are the big goals. I have to see how it goes here and think about everything else when it comes around the corner.”

Djokovic arrived in Melbourne with some concerns over his wrist after losing to Alex De Minaur at the United Cup.

But he has been practising this week at Melbourne Park, and said ahead of a first-round clash: “My wrist is good. I had time from the last match against De Minaur in the United Cup to my first match here to recover. I’ve been training well. Practice sessions pain-free so far. It’s all looking good. Let’s see how it goes.”

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