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Auston Matthews' accuser tells police she was terrified during the incident

·NHL Editor
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Hours after Auston Matthews commented on the disorderly conduct charges that he received this week, we are beginning to learn a bit more about the incident that took place in the summer.

Matthews, who spent much of the offseason in his hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona, allegedly tried to enter the vehicle of a female security guard at 2:00 AM with a few of his buddies. After the initial confrontation with the security guard, Matthews reportedly dropped his pants and gestured towards her.

As Matthews took to the ice to battle the Canadiens in tonight’s preseason contest, the Scottsdale police were busy releasing video that captured the security guard, Fayola Dozithee, detailing the incident with Matthews.

And it’s fair to say she was pretty upset about it.

In the video below, Dozithee can heard offering her personal statement to police on May 28, 2019.

The video recounts Dozithee’s fear when a group of men tried to enter her car at 2 AM while she was completing paper work inside.

“I was pissed” Dozithee told the police officer, angry at the group that “thought it would be funny” to see how she’d react to them attempting to get into her car.

She recalls telling the group of men, “You do not approach a female at 2:00 in the morning thinking it’s funny to see how she would react. There’s three of you, and one of me. You could have done anything to me and I’m at a disadvantage because of that.”

She added “I knew at that point, I needed them to get away from me.”

Matthews reportedly pulled his pants down as he walked away from Dozithee. One of Matthews’ friends apparently told Dozithee that the Maple Leafs’ forward had been acting like that all night.

“You see that s**t he's doing?” Dozithee said, paraphrasing comments from Mathews’ friend. “He's been doing that up and down Scottsdale Road. I keep telling him that he can get arrested by cops. And, he's like he doesn't give a s**t.”

When the police officer in the video asks Dozithee if Matthews exposed his naked buttocks, she couldn’t recall because of the time of night and her distance from Matthews.

“I cannot confirm, nor deny, that he had his underwear on because he was at a distance where I saw him drop his pants, and bend over.”

Matthews faces a disorderly conduct charge for the alleged May incident. (Getty)

If Matthews did expose his naked buttocks, he could potentially receive an additional charge for public sexual indecency on top of the disorderly conduct charge.

Dozithee added that she spoke to one of the board members of the housing complex Matthews lives in, who reportedly said to her, “If you decide to press charges, we will support you because this resident [Matthews] has been an issue for us anyways.”

Dozithee said there were cameras in the apartment complex that caught video of Matthews walking into the building with his pants around his ankles.

Matthews’ father, who denied the allegations and called Dozithee a liar, reportedly received a copy of the unseen footage.

“He had no response after they sent him footage,” Dozithee said. “He didn’t have nothing to say.”

Following Toronto’s 3-0 win over Montreal on Wednesday night, Matthews described the decision to keep his legal troubles from the Maple Leafs as “an error in judgement.”

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