Augusta National becomes a melting pot of international patrons during The Masters Tournament

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – For one week out of the year, Augusta becomes a melting pot, with patrons from all over the world coming to watch The Masters.

Golf fans from different countries and continents have made their way to Augusta National to watch the biggest names in the sport compete, and they say it’s well worth the travel.

“It was my first time through the gates this morning and it’s been fantastic so far already.

Peter Lebedevs came all the way from the land down under: Perth, Australia.

“In Australia the whole country stays up wanting to see the Masters,” said Lebedevs. “It’s one of those things we all do, Australia has a lot of sporty things like that and that’s one of them is coming to Augusta, and everybody sits there and watches that final round.”

One Parisian patron has been coming to the Masters since 2016. He’s a caddie back in France, and loves everything about the tournament.

“Just like a dream. You can’t imagine being here, and when you watch on TV Augusta, it’s not the same when you’re here and live, because the course it’s so hilly, so physical,” said Rashid Elmhard. “I will stay here until they close the doors. Even if it’s staying in the dark, if you need to pick up lights for the players on the greens, you can count on me, I will be there.”

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Our neighbors up in Canada are also big on the sport.

“This is heaven on Earth. Bucket list right? I’m a little worried about what’s going to happen to me next week cause if I get hit by a meteorite I’ll be okay because I’ve done my best thing. I think we’re just gonna soak everything in, and we’re back on Saturday too so the idea is look at everything, understand it, and then come back on Saturday and double down on everything that we like,” said Jason Nitert and Paul Cousens.

One of their fellow countrymen who has been here many times agrees, but, first things first.

“I fly into Atlanta, come down to Augusta, the first place I go is TBonz,” said Marc Villeneuve.

Among these patrons, the consensus is this: The Masters, and Augusta itself, does not disappoint.

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