Audio: Tyler Hansbrough reads … to … kids

We appreciate Indiana Pacers forward Tyler Hansbrough's attempts at soothing our nation's children to bed, with a needed re-reading of Rebecca and Ed Emberley's take on Chicken Little. Especially when Tyler and the Pacers present the story in mp3 form. Parents are busy these days, most kids have a docking station right next to their smartphone on their iBedstand, so this sort of re-telling works for all involved.

But it should be pointed out that Tyler appears, to, put-the wrong, emphasis, on the, wrong, syllables. Here.

Just listen to the mp3. Perhaps Tyler should have done a few practice laps with the book before diving in. Because he's not exactly Spalding Gray with his presentation.

Snark aside, the Pacers have a pretty good program going here with Call-a-Pacer. Their website has the details behind the initiative:

Call-A-Pacer allows callers to listen to featured Pacers' players read part of a children's story. Fans of all ages can call (317) 275-4444 or log on to to hear members of the Indiana Pacers read pre-selected children's stories.  Fans can also visit their local library and receive an autographed photo of that week's featured player.  The phone lines are open 24 hours, and may be accessed by up to four listeners at a time.


Each Pacer is represented, here, which is a pretty cool thing. And like with the smartphones and docking stations and all the robot dogs, today's kids have it a lot better here than when I was a child.

I would have had to get my parents' permission to dial a 900-number to hear Granville Waiters soothe me to sleep with his take on The Missing Piece.

(HT: Andy Behrens.)

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