Auburn gymnast dislocates both knees in horrific accident in her final meet

Samantha Cerio.
Samantha Cerio injured both legs when a move went wrong. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

Auburn Tigers senior gymnast Samantha Cerio suffered a gruesome and devastating injury in what will be her final performance. At the NCAA Regional Semifinals, Cerio landed awkwardly, dislocating both knees and tearing multiple ligaments.

Cerio injured herself while performing a handspring double front. The maneuver required Cerio to pull off a blind landing, which means she was unable to see the ground before she landed.

Cerio reached for the ground too early, according to Auburn coach Jeff Graba. That led to dislocated knees and multiple torn ligaments. Initial reports claimed Cerio also broke both legs, but further exams revealed that was not the case.

There is video of Cerio’s injury, but be warned that it is extremely graphic. If you would like to watch the video anyway, you can do it here.

Despite the way things ended, Cerio posted an encouraging message on Instagram on Sunday, saying she was proud of her accomplishments in the sport. She added that her gymnastics career didn’t end the way she would have preferred, but “nothing ever goes as planned.”

Auburn managed to advance without Cerio. The team is “doing this for [Cerio] right now,” Graba said.


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