Auburn fans celebrate Nick Saban's retirement by rolling Toomer's Corner

The retirement of Nick Saban was bound to inspire a lot of feelings in many directions. That it came so suddenly Wednesday only added to a frenetic day in college football after the news broke.

Of course, there was only elation at Auburn, where fans have been dealing with a juggernaut about 150 miles away for the past 17 seasons. The Tigers gave Saban more than his fair share of losses — 38% of his regular-season losses, in fact — but the idea of no longer having to recruit against the man and beat him every year has to feel good.

So good, in fact, that some fans on the ground in Auburn responded by rolling Toomer's Corner, their tradition every time their team posts a win. Which they basically just did.

There really is no greater compliment than this from your rival.

Some current and former Auburn players had similar thoughts.

On the Tuscaloosa side, there was nothing but bittersweet praise for a coach with a strong argument as the greatest to ever manage a college football sideline. There might have also been a little worry.

Many former Alabama players were more effusive in their praise.

Former Alabama star and current Baltimore Ravens star Marlon Humphrey approached it from a different direction.

Saban's coaching peers also had some kind praise, including from Colorado coach Deion Sanders. There was also the live reaction of Missouri head coach Eli Drinkwitz, who said the words "that is shocking" three times in a row.

Sanders' son, meanwhile, started recruiting.

The media, from reporters to analysts to influencers, were predictably all over the story, but the Alabama beat reporter best captured the suddenness of the news.