All the Atlanta Hawks wore headbands on Tuesday, and people were pretty confused by it

As we tuned into Tuesday night's TNT broadcast of the matchup between the Atlanta Hawks and Toronto Raptors, we were met with an odd, terrycloth realization:

That's not something they usually do. And because the full-roster headbandry had in no way been explained to this point, this realization led to some confusion among dutiful NBA watchers:

The headbanding of one Hawk, in particular, seemed to trouble quite a few fans.

The slander even went international.

Finally, the team explained:

Duh. Obviously. Why, what do YOU do when it's the last home game of the season?

We should note that one keen observer had the explanation pegged well before the Hawks clarified matters:

The lesson, as always: Listen to Chicago Bulls radio play-by-play man Chuck Swirsky. Sound advice, always.

Tiled image up top via Beyond the Buzzer.

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