This Atlanta Hawks fan hit a halfcourt shot for $10,000 with so much swagger

Ball Don't Lie

You absolute should not have this much confidence when it comes to making a halfcourt shot with $10,000 on the line in front of 13,547 other Atlanta Hawks fans when you shoot like this man. And yet:

One halfcourt shot for ten thousand bucks, a two-night stay at a penthouse suite and dinner for two at a four-star steakhouse. Have you ever made a shot like this before, Norman? “All the time,” he says.

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And then:

Norman, everyone.
Norman, everyone.

Dominique Wilkins summed it up best: “A little sidewinder. Nothing but the bottom. Get paid.

So, what’s Norman going to do with his newfound riches. “Enjoy Christmas,” he says.

Are we sure Norman isn’t Santa Claus himself? This man is a national treasure. We love Norman.

Norman is great.
Norman is great.

I don’t think Hawks fans have been this excited all season. Make Norman the regular halftime show.





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