The Atlanta Hawks can't leave Wisconsin soon enough

The Atlanta Hawks' trip to Wisconsin hasn't been all bratwurst and cheese curds. After stealing Joakim Noah's "nothing to do there" line, Josh Smith(notes) was booed constantly by the Milwaukee fans. They missed out on Justin Bieber's Summerfest performance by two months. And, of course, they got smoked in their first road playoff game. It hasn't been the best trip.

But if you thought things couldn't get any worse, you're as wrong as a Bears fan at a Packers game. As Michael Cunningham of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports, the hits just keep on coming.

A car collided with the Hawks' team bus in downtown Milwaukee this afternoon.

Hawks spokesman Arthur Triche said a white Cadillac with a mother and child aboard hit the left side of the bus, causing "significant damage" to the vehicle's luggage compartment. Airbags were deployed in the car, Triche said.

Triche said no one on the bus was injured and the mother and child also didn't appear to suffer injuries. Hawks personnel took taxi cabs back to the team hotel.

Milwaukee is throwing a bummer festival and all the Hawks are invited. At least no one was hurt. Nonetheless, the Hawks have to be itching to get out of the Badger State. That's not the first time that thought has ever crossed someone's mind, I'm sure.

And they'll be desperate for a win in tonight's pivotal Game 4. But as coach Mike Woodson knows, that's not a given for the Hawks.

"I still think that we're a team that's still learning how to win (in the playoffs), like all teams in this league, and it's not easy winning on the road," said coach Mike Woodson Sunday before the team's workout at Marquette University's Al McGuire Center. "I never use that as an excuse, but that's reality and this team is no different.

"We're right in the thick of a playoff series, and we're still learning how to win on the road. We haven't figured it out. We've only won one road game in the last three years. You have to find ways. The great teams, they figure it out eventually, but we're not there yet."

If the Hawks lose tonight, that means another trip to Wisconsin, which means more tales of woe. I'm thinking we pitch some network on a reality show — "I'm in Wisconsin, Get Me Out of Here!" It'd be a ratings bonanza, no doubt.

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