'Athletes Relief Fund for Haiti' set to distribute $1 million in aid

A collective group of professional athletes have joined alliances to provide emergency medical supplies and essentials to those recently affected by the deadly earthquake in Haiti through "Athletes Relief Fund for Haiti," created by Alonzo Mourning(notes).

In an effort to provide and encourage relief efforts, athletes such as Dwyane Wade, Kevin Durant(notes), LeBron James(notes), Al Horford(notes), Michael Vick and Randy Moss have banned together to contribute approximately $600,000. The Lennar Corporation of Florida is matching the fund dollar for dollar with a donation that will exceed $1 million in aid to support the medical needs of the community.

Mourning requested individual donations from athletes such as Horford, a Dominican Republic native, and he stepped up by donating an entire game salary to the cause. Other contributions included $100,000 donations from Durant, LeBron and Wade each. Hornets point guard Chris Paul also got out his checkbook, donating $61,616.61 — a specific amount in honor of his late grandfather, who was murdered at the age of 61 — to the relief fund.

As one of the first athletes to visit the devastated country last week with Project MediShare, Mourning knows firsthand how crucial the medical supplies are to saving the lives of the people on the island.

"The unified front that these players have shown is amazing. We are going to continue to raise funds and bring awareness to the issues of this beautiful country as they rebuild," Mourning said.

NBA.com columnist David Aldridge ran into 'Zo in Memphis on Monday. Mourning told Aldridge that he's on his way back to Haiti on Tuesday, with doctors who are ready to operate, but that they don't have enough basic medical supplies.

Fans and supporters can go the www.amcharities.org and make a tax deductible contribution to support the relief effort. Funds raised will be directed to organizations on the ground, specifically Project Medishare, which has dedicated to improving the health and overall well being of the Haitian people for 20 years.

A growing list of NBA athlete contributors include: Chris Bosh(notes), Caron Butler(notes), Kenyon Martin(notes), Mike Dunleavy, Michael Finley(notes), Ronnie Brewer(notes), Devin Harris(notes), Carlos Boozer(notes), J.R. Smith(notes), Anthony Parker(notes), Ben Gordon(notes), Quentin Richardson(notes), Michael Beasley(notes) and Gilbert Arenas(notes).

Once again, the link to give is: www.amcharities.org.

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