Astros start ALDS with a bang as walk-off HR takes down Mariners I The Rush

The start of MLB’s Division League Series round of the postseason did not disappoint as the Philadelphia Phillies won a thriller against the Braves in Atlanta, the Yankees took care of business in New York with a win over the Cleveland Guardians, the Dodgers got a victory over their division rival Padres and the Houston Astros overcame a 4-run deficit to stun the Seattle Mariners in walk-off HR fashion. One pitcher you won’t see suit up for the Astros is reliever Phil Maton who revealed the regretful reason behind his season-ending injury and in Brooklyn, the Nets had a cool moment turn sour real quick, thanks to a Ben Simmons brick.

Video Transcript


JARED QUAY: The Wild Card round of the MLB postseason certainly lived up to its name.

- It was a wild scene.

JARED QUAY: And the mayhem carried right on over to the League Division Series, giving us a little bit of everything from incredible defense--

- Swung on [? toward ?] right field. Come on, Castellano. Still coming, he dives, and he got it!

JARED QUAY: Plenty of offense.

- And Turner lifts one to deep left field. Raging back is Profar, and it's a 1-0 start for the Dodgers.

JARED QUAY: And everything you want to see on day one of the ALDS.

- I'm-- bring it.

JARED QUAY: Now, you know Houston had to start their postseason off with a bang. Yeah, of course I'm making a trash throws joke.

- It's their fault.

JARED QUAY: The Astros truly know how to bring the drama. They were down by four runs twice during game one of their ALDS match-up against the Seattle Mariners. And down 7-5 at the bottom of the ninth, they did this--


At one point in the game, Astros are facing a 34-1 odds, but Yordan Alvarez didn't give a [BLEEP].

- Not even a little bit.

JARED QUAY: One Astro pitcher you won't be seeing this postseason is reliever Phil Maiden.

- Why is that?

JARED QUAY: I'll let Phil explain.

- Following the game on Wednesday, I punched my locker and fractured my fifth metacarpal. Had surgery yesterday.

JARED QUAY: Bro, why are you punching hard objects?

- I was upset with how my outing went.

JARED QUAY: For your information, Phil allowed two hits and two runs. And the Astros win over the Phillies, but one of his hits he gave up came against his little brother Nick.

- Brotherly love.

JARED QUAY: Speaking of dysfunctional families--


- (SINGING) We come out. We get start to stepper--

JARED QUAY: Whoa, did you catch that? The Brooklyn Nets were having some kind of "Ocean's 11" cinematic moment, only to have it butchered by Ben Simmons throwing up a frickin' brick.

- Airball.

JARED QUAY: This was an outdoor practice with some Nets fans present. No pressure whatsoever. And my guy Simmons couldn't even hit the rim. Yo, the new NBA season starts next week, and I think it's going to be a long one for Brooklyn. I mean, it'll probably be even longer for LeBron and my Lakers, but I ain't tripping. At the end of the day, the regular season don't even matter in the NBA.