Astros fan maxed out his credit cards to go to every World Series game

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If your favorite baseball team has ever been in the World Series, you’ve probably thought to yourself “I wish I could go to every game, but unless I max out every credit card I have, I can’t do it.” And then you just continued on with your life, because doing something like that is crazy, right?

For Houston Astros fan Andrew Watt, it wasn’t crazy. Well, it was, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t going to do it. And he did. Before the Astros even took the field for Game 7 of the ALCS against the New York Yankees, 31-year-old Watt (no relation to Houston Texans star J.J. Watt) bought tickets for each World Series game, and plane tickets to Los Angeles. Watt told the whole story to Matt Young of the Houston Chronicle.

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“I’ve been to every game of possibly the best World Series of all time. After Game 2, I thought I’d never see another better baseball game in my life. That turned out to not even be the best baseball game I saw that week,” said Watt, who didn’t want to disclose exactly how much all this has cost him except to say “10s of thousands of dollars.”

The whole crazy trip took nine days, but he didn’t do all of it alone. Watt bought an additional ticket to Game 7 and invited a friend from his days at the Naval Academy and the Marines. That friend called Watt’s generosity “Standard Watt.”

Watt is generous, but he’s also apparently fearless. He told the Chronicle that when he cheered Marwin Gonzalez’s game-tying home run at Dodger Stadium during Game 2, a Los Angeles Dodgers fan didn’t like it and told Watt that he should be scared to do that in an opponent’s stadium. Watt said “I’m from Texas. I’m not scared of s***.” The Dodgers fan then tried to punch Watt and was ejected from the stadium.

Andrew Watt maxed out his credit cards to go to every World Series game, and was rewarded with a Game 7 win. (AP Photo)
Andrew Watt maxed out his credit cards to go to every World Series game, and was rewarded with a Game 7 win. (AP Photo)

It may seem like Watt is sacrificing his future to credit card debt just to see a few baseball games. But Watt made the decision to do this with his future in mind.

“You work hard all your life to make money, and there’s a point that comes where it’s time to spend that money, and this is one of those times for me,” said Watt, who also splurged to attend some of the Astros playoff games in Boston and New York. “When you’re young, you have time to do things, but you don’t have the money. When you’re old, you have the money to do things, but you don’t have the time. I just so happen to be at the right age where I have some money and some time to do this.”

You only live once, right?

The Chronicle interviewed Watt before Game 7, but he already knew what he was going to do if the Astros won.

Watt has big plans if things go right for the Astros in Game 7. A fellow die-hard Houston sports fan gave him a “Don’t Mess With Texas” flag to take with him on his final trip to Los Angeles. He smuggled it into his sock for both Games 6 and 7. He’s waiting for the perfect time to pull it out and wave it for the world to see.

First, we need to recognize the awesomeness that is Andrew Watt smuggling a “Don’t Mess With Texas” flag into Dodger Stadium in his sock. How big was the flag? Did stadium security just think he had a really big foot?

Flag smuggling aside, Game 7 was full of perfect moments for Watt to wave that flag. Let’s hope he found the right one, and he didn’t get into any fistfights with Dodgers fans along the way.

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