Astros complain about 'brutal' late flight, turnaround after playing night game against Angels

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The Houston Astros played a road game Thursday night against the Los Angeles Angels.

After the game, they took a 35-mile road trip from Anaheim to Los Angeles International Airport to fly back to Houston, where they are scheduled to face the Texas Rangers on Friday night.

For this, they are displeased.

Josh Reddick: ‘It’s BS’

Outfielder Josh Reddick railed against the night getaway game with the Houston Chronicle.

"To censor myself, it's BS,” Reddick said. “I don't think one person is happy about the night game travel. I think it's a complete misjudgment on how they make a schedule.

“It's absurd, really. Look at us, we don't do that to anyone. We don't ever give them a (getaway day) night game unless it's Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN. It makes no sense. It really makes no sense. A lot of guys aren't happy about it, myself included."

In games where national TV broadcasts aren’t a concern, home teams generally schedule game times. Thursday’s game was not on national TV, leaving the Astros fuming at the Angels.

Josh Reddick is angry over the"absurd" schedule that had the Astros traveling between night games. (Getty)
Josh Reddick is angry over the"absurd" schedule that had the Astros traveling between night games. (Getty)

Angels have a reputation for this practice

The late getaway time does not appear to be an issue for the Angels, who had their own travel to do before a weekend series at the Seattle Mariners starting Friday night.

Of course, the Angels didn’t have to travel two time zones for that trip. But they have a reputation for scheduling late getaway games. The L.A. Times attributes the practice to a revenue concern, citing attendance numbers that saw more than 11,000 more fans show up on average earlier this season for night games than mid-week day games.

A.J. Hinch: ‘It’ll be brutal’

Astros manager A.J. Hinch joined Reddick in his assessment of the turnaround.

"It'll be brutal," Hinch told the Chronicle "It's one of those things that I hope they address in the next CBA. ... Other teams do it — we're not the only one — so it's more of a broader topic across the league. Especially in our division (for) teams that are coming back to Texas, it's brutal."

While it’s not the most significant issue in baseball, it seems a preventable problem and one that can be solved with an easy fix for a league that regularly schedules weekday day games.

In the meantime, NBA players who come across this story will surely get a laugh.

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