'Aston Villa could emulate the class of 1982'

Aston Villa fan's voice graphic
Aston Villa fan's voice graphic

Richard Sutherland, The Villa Park Podcast

Sitting in fifth position, three points off the top of the Premier League, and progressing in the Europa Conference League... I think I speak for every Aston Villa supporter when I say the start to this season has been beyond anything we could have dreamed.

Now, the upcoming Christmas period of fixtures is one of real opportunity.

It could be levelled that aside from Chelsea, Liverpool and Newcastle United, the start to the campaign has been pretty kind to Villa.

Of course, you have to win those games - and six Premier League home victories in a row would certainly point to that - but key Villa Park games coming up against Manchester City and Arsenal, as well as trips to Tottenham, Brentford and Bournemouth, will really show everyone where Aston Villa are.

Lose three or four of those matches and it will look like a Champions League challenge is a step too far.

Win three or four and Villa fans can start to dream that the class of 2024 could emulate the famous one of 1982.

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