Aston Villa 2-2 Chelsea: What Pochettino said

Chelsea boss Mauricio Pochettino has been speaking to BBC Sport following the game: "The performance was great, against a very good team. Disappointed, but what can we do? We need to move on."

On if he thought their late goal should have stood: "Me and you and everyone in the stadium watching the game. They didn't see a foul on the pitch and then VAR changed the decision of the referee. For me, that was a normal challenge. The decision was there and that is it.

"For me, it [VAR technology] has damaged a little bit the Premier League and English football.

"If we want to be the best league in the world, it should be protecting the spectacle and the decision. At Wembley, for handball was a penalty against Manchester City and the referee didn't check and the VAR didn't advise the referee to see the incident.

"[It has] Damaged myself, damaged my team, my players, my fans.

"We are a young team. The performance was good. I'm so happy with the reaction."