Assos Winter LS Skin Layer review: Supreme comfort but does it justify the high retail price?

 Assos LS skin layer base layer
Assos LS skin layer base layer

The latest instalment in my series of winter base layer reviews is the Winter LS skin layer from Swiss manufacturer Assos. Assos makes some of the most technical cycling kits in the game and the brand's website states that over its forty-four-year lifespan, athletes wearing Assos equipment have claimed over 400 hundred World Championship and Olympic medals.

The Assos base layer range is 16 pieces strong, and the LS Winter skin layer is one of nine long-sleeve base layers in the range. In the long sleeve winter category, it sits underneath the Ultraz Winter LS Skin layer and the GTO Winter LS DermaSensor Base Layer.

The LS skin layer is priced at £90 / $115 / €105. Assos claims the LS skin layer is tuned for winter with a thicker 'knit' weight, a taller collar, and more stretch than the lighter weight long sleeve /spring/autumn offering the Spring / Fall LS skin layer. There's also what Assos call a seamless construction which we will get into further in the review.

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Specification: Assos Winter LS Skin layer

Price: £90 / $115 / €105
Material:  91%Polypropelene  6%Elastane 3%CF XX
Available sizes: O, I,II, III
Colours: Black

Assos LS skin layer base layer
Assos LS skin layer base layer

Design and Aesthetics

As mentioned the LS Skin layer is a long-sleeve base layer, with a raised neck and comes in black only. It features a rubber Assos roundel logo on the middle of the chest and a blue line running down the centre of the torso. There is also a 3/3 Clima Code logo on the rear of the neck, this signifies the piece is part of the Assos winter range.

Manufactured in Italy, the LS is comprised of 91% Polypropylene, 6% Elastane and 3% carbon fibre yarns. There aren't any interior labels, with composition and wash instructions printed onto the bottom hem of the base layers which adds to the aforementioned comfort factor.

The torso is one tubular piece of material with the arms and raised neck stitched on, you can also see where the blue torso line (which is purely aesthetic) is stitched down the front, and that's it. Assos calls this the circular seamless construction and it's meant to promote a full range of movement under winter layers.

The LS skin layer looks stylish with its black and blue accents. It's a dark black, certainly darker than the Albion Long Sleeve Merino base layer I reviewed recently and just looks really smart on.

Assos sizing is a little different as I mentioned in my Assos GT Ultraz Winter Booties review. A 0 through to III sizing guide is used, I'm a small in pretty everything but my size is I in the skin layer which is equivalent to a small in other brands. Although my base layer was marked Medium on the hem, which seems slightly at odds with the Assos size guide. Either way, the website has a useful and easy-to-use sizing tool to help you find the right fit.

Assos LS skin layer base layer
Assos LS skin layer base layer


Pull the skin layer on before a ride and instantly it feels very good. It's noticeably more comfortable and luxurious than pretty much every other base layer I've worn, the cut is fitted but the added stretch from the elastane means it just hugs you and fits really well in all the right places. It may sound a bit over the top when talking about base layers, but it really does feel that good.

The higher neck is a nice touch and aids warmth, it's actually a similar sort of height as the one found on the Galibier Barrier base layer. Sweat-wicking and warmth haven't been an issue at all for me down to around freezing temperatures and the LS skin layer has performed brilliantly. Slipping a jacket or jersey over the base layer makes you feel ready for anything.

The base layer has washed and worn well (30-degree synthetic wash) with no defects appearing over a winter of use. You are also supported by the Assos two-year warranty, free 30-day returns should you need them and crash replacement policy.

Assos LS skin layer base layer
Assos LS skin layer base layer


I've really liked using the LS skin layer during winter rides. It provides a higher level of comfort and performance than I've experienced before and I relished pulling it on when getting changed to head out on the bike.

As a starting point for winter warmth it does a great job and wicked moisture well and kept me warm. I especially like the taller neck which provides extra protection. It's also stretchy and fitted enough that you could wear it under tighter, aero layers if you wish.

The price is on the high side at £90, though I will also mention that Assos has base layers for over double this cost again in the range. If you make the purchase you won't be disappointed and I'm willing to bet LS skin is a piece of kit you would keep going back to.

I have £10 base layers in my kit bag and they perform well, I've used the same one for years for commuting and shorter rides. However, for longer training rides in more serious weather conditions, the Assos provides you with an advantage in comfort, warmth, and morale.

Assos LS skin layer base layer
Assos LS skin layer base layer