Assessing T.J. Bass’s performance at the 2023 NFL Combine

It makes sense that they’re saving the big boys for the final day of the 2023 NFL Combine. While a lot of people like to tune in and watch the quarterbacks and wide receivers work and check out the defensive backs who make the highlight plays, it is often the men up front in the trenches who have some of the biggest impacts on the game.

For the Oregon Ducks, there will be a lot to watch on Sunday in Indianapolis, with three of the six former players taking the field. Alex Forsyth, Malaesala Aumavae-Laulu, and T.J. Bass are all going through drills and working to up their draft stock ahead of April.

Here is our breakdown of everything that Bass was able to do on Sunday at the combine.


Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Height: 6-foot-4

Weight: 317 pounds

Hand Size: 9 1/4″

Arm Length: 32 3/8″

40-Yard Dash

(AP Photo/Young Kwak)

Official Time: 5.23 Seconds

Rank at Position: 13th of 20 Players

The 40-yard dash is not an incredibly meaningful statistic for offensive linemen, and Bass turned in an average time. It will be interesting to see if he runs the 40 at Oregon’s Pro Day next week. For Reference, Georgia’s Broderick Jones led all OL in the 40 with a time of 4.97 seconds.

10-Yard Split

(AP Photo/Rick Scuteri)

Official Time: 1.86 Seconds

Rank at Position: 17th of 20 Players

The 40-yard dash isn’t a big deal for offensive linemen, but looking at the 10-yard split gives you a little bit of insight, since it gives you an idea of how quickly they can get to the next level and block downfield. Bass wasn’t great in that aspect at the combine, but it was nothing disastrous. For Reference, BYU’s Blake Freeland led all OL with a split of 1.68 seconds.

Vertical Jump

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Official Measurement: 28 1/2 inches

Rank at Position: 13th of 20 Players

The vertical jump is another measurement that offers minimal value for offensive linemen, other than displaying the type of burst and leg strength that you’re getting in a player. Bass was slightly below average in this aspect. For Reference, BYU’s Blake Freeland led all OL with a measurement of 37″.

Broad Jump

(AP Photo/Andy Nelson)

Official Measurement: 9’1″

Rank at Position: 16th of 39 Players

The broad jump is another measurement that displays the time of lower-body power a lineman has, and the ability to move his weight around in the trenches. Bass was slightly above average among all offensive linemen. For Reference, BYU’s Blake Freeland led all OL with a measurement of 10′.

NFL Combine Grade

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Combine Grade: 5.95

T.J. Bass didn’t have a super high draft grade going into the combine, and it doesn’t feel like he did a ton to change that at the combine. He tested average to below average in most of the drills on the field, and should likely be a mid-to-late-round pick, at best. According to, Bass is listed as an “average backup or special teamer.” Here are some of the strengths that they have listed for Bass:

  • Good thickness throughout his frame.

  • Experience at left tackle should help his pass pro at guard.

  • Keeps hands cocked and ready in his pass sets.

And here are some of his listed weaknesses:

  • Severely lacking proportional length for his size.

  • Could have trouble redirecting edge pressure when beaten.

  • Has trouble getting hands reset when defender gets into him.


Story originally appeared on Ducks Wire