Before you ask, no Antonio Brown is not coming back to the Steelers

Oh boy, this one is a doozie.

The Pittsburgh Steelers stumbled out of the gates on Sunday and got blown out by the San Francisco 49ers in Week One of the NFL season. On top of that, starting wide receiver Diontae Johnson suffered a hamstring injury in the game that will sideline him this week.

Antonio Brown has entered the chat…

It didn’t take long for former Steeler Brown to show up on Twitter with what appears to be an offer to come back to help the Steelers.

Don’t get me wrong, there isn’t a player in the NFL right now as entertaining as Brown is as a former NFL player and we can never wait to see what his next thing is. And it appears his next thing to draw attention to himself is make himself available to his old team.

Obviously, this would never happen, even if Johnson’s injury were season-ending. So before any of you ask, no the Steelers are not signing Brown under any circumstances. This is already in disarray after last week’s game, there is no sense in adding fuel to the fire.

Story originally appeared on Steelers Wire