ASK IRA: Has the Terry Rozier thrill ride delivered to the Heat as promised?

Q: Scary Terry driving me crazy. – Pipsy.

Q: Love aggressive Terry – Dre.

A: Which basically sums up the Terry Rozier experience – a burst of energy and you don’t know what might happen next. Sunday in Detroit it added up to 17 points, nine assists and six rebounds, without a turnover. Yes, there are shots that make you shake your head when he takes them, closing 1 of 6 on 3-pointers Sunday. But there also are some shots where you shake your head when they go in. He basically is the type of player that every team needs, particularly during some of the doldrums of the regular season. In many ways, as stated here before, he reminds of Dion Waiters, that when shots are released it’s the classic, “No, no, no . . . good shot.” But you can only have so many of those types of players, which again raised the question of how it all fits if and when Tyler Herro returns.

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Q: Bam triple-double game with the W! – Douglas.

A: I posted this only because it came three hours prior to Sunday’s tip, when it was announced that Jimmy Butler would be out and the Heat would be even further shorthanded. So you were close, since it was Bam Adebayo with the triple and the W, nailing his game-winning 3-pointer at the buzzer. But it also was very much a takeover game by Bam, when factoring in his 20 points, 17 rebounds and relentless defensive tenacity. As Erik Spoelstra said, there was plenty of karma that went into that winning three.

Q: Duncan Robinson has become what Tyler Herro was supposed to be. He’s got a contract that now looks great vs Tyler Herro’s new deal. He’s available more often and we’ve seen his game evolve. Has he made Tyler expendable? – Jim, Columbia, S.C.

A:It’s not an either-or question with Duncan Robinson and Tyler Herro. Now, with Terry Rozier, as mentioned above, that arguably could be a legitimate question. But first let Tyler heal and then we’ll see where he stands. Tyler has been very aggressive in the treatments for his foot injury and very much wants to get back.