ASK IRA: What will Kings’ Fox have to say about Heat defense at the point?

Q: Gabe Vincent’s defensive loss has been understated. As good as Terry Rozier is, the Heat still do not have anyone to handle quick guards. – Joel, Fort Lauderdale.

A: Or perhaps they simply don’t have a point guard to handle such players. Among the reasons Kyle Lowry was moved to the bench before he was traded was Erik Spoelstra’s idea of having Caleb Martin defend Trae Young that night. It turned out that Trae was not available due to illness. But it could well be that Martin becomes, perhaps by default, the Heat’s stopper (or attempted stopper) against opposing point guards. The next test in how to stop opposing quickness comes Wednesday night against the Kings and De’Aaron Fox, a notorious Heat killer in late-game situations. So we well could get a read on Spoelstra’s intentions before the night is over.

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Q: With the Heat no longer possessing Kyle Lowry’s expiring contract, won’t they need to trade Duncan Robinson before the start of next season so they don’t pay luxury tax on the $19 million he is due next season? If so, do they move him before the trade deadline or in the offseason? – Leonard, Boca Raton.

A: There will be plenty of time to sort things out in the offseason. A team that considers itself a contender hardly can be in position to blow up a roster at midseason. And Duncan Robinson’s contract is part of higher math that also will include decisions on players such as Tyle Herro, Caleb Martin, Haywood Highsmith, and, depending on how the wind is blowing with Jimmy Butler and his desire for an extension, perhaps even Jimmy Butler. But that Heat made an in-the-moment trade for Terry Rozier, which largely is where the focus stands at the moment.

Q: Hello, Ira. I hear you and others continue to suggest that Tyler Herro would be a better fit coming off the bench. While I see the logic, it isn’t happening and it shouldn’t happen. Herro is a starting caliber two-guard and a very good one at that. It isn’t his fault how the front office has constructed the team. Instead of asking Herro to take a demotion from starter to sixth man, why not have him change his game with the starting unit? Why not ask Herro to play more off the ball and to take more catch-and-shoot 3’s? If I was Herro, I’d be way more amenable to change my game a bit to complete the other starters then I would be in taking a demotion which would affect my future earnings and legacy. I could see Herro playing more of a Klay Thompson role. I seriously doubt that Erik Spoelstra has asked that of Herro, it seems Herro is playing the way he has been given the green light to play. That’s on the coaching staff, not on the player. – Carlos, West Park.

A: Actually, that is exactly what Erik Spoelstra has asked, with Tyler Herro mentioning it after Monday night’s loss to Phoenix and prior to that after the loss in Orlando. But Tyler Herro also has every right to want to be and to be perceived as a more complete player than a mere catch-and-shoot specialist, some type of Duncan Robinson 2.0. Why put a player in a box because the roster might be mismatched? Tyler Herro has every right to attempt to maximize his game, as he has been attempting. I’m not sure you ask a 24-year-old player to stifle elements of his game. As for your comparison, don’t underestimate the diversity of Kaly Thompson’s game. He is far, far more than a one-trick pony.