ASK IRA: Do Heat still need a statement victory?

Q: When Tyler Herro comes back, book it Ira, it’s championship. Erik Spoelstra cooked that up in that kitchen. Jaime Jaquez Jr. is a young Himmy. I’m going to Vegas and God Bless the Miami Heat. – Swann.

A: This starts a theme today of rush to judgements. Yes, the Heat have won recently. But also consider the competition. During this five-game winning streak, the best wins have come against the Lakers and Hawks, who hardly have been dynamic at the start of the season. Otherwise, Wizards, Grizzlies and Spurs, three of the worst teams in the league. And we still don’t know for sure about the dynamic with Tyler Herro. But, heck, I guess you could go to Vegas and watch the Heat in the In-Season Tournament semifinals and finals, based on your exuberance. Still, exhale – 6-4 for the Heat is two points against the Pistons and Lakers from being the opposite. What still is needed to validate is a statement victory. Those games will come in a week, when the schedule stiffens.

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Q: I’m glad Miami decided not to bother with the James Harden baggage. — Rodney.

A: Let’s not do this yet with James Harden or Damian Lillard or Bradley Beal or Jrue Holiday. Yes, the Heat have turned it around with their five-game winning streak and there is plenty to be said about living in the moment. But rare is the NBA season where offseason decisions become justified over the first 10 games. (Although never was a fan of a potential Heat move for Harden.)

Q: Bam Adebayo’s game reminds me of a young Kevin Garnett, with his complete game. – Wilmer, St.Petersburg.

A: As with the questions and answers above and above, perhaps wait more than 10 games into a season for Hall of Fame comparisons. Again, enjoy the moment. But also next see what is sustained. Bam Adebayo already has made all the statements that need to be made on the defensive end. Now we see if the scoring is transient or something more.