ASK IRA: Have the Heat found their best closing lineup?

Q: Did the Heat find their ideal lineup to finish out games in Josh Richardson, Duncan Robinson, Jaime Jaquez Jr., Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo? Doesn’t it seem like they have the right composure to stay in sync to win the close ones? – Danny, Hollywood.

A: The right lineup in the absence of Tyler Herro. But there is no denying the Heat missing Herro’s shot creation, even with the recent victories. The late-game offense remains a struggle. The concern is that the Heat don’t have a true point guard in such an alignment. That is concerning with Kyle Lowry. For now, at least with Tyler out, it appears the Heat are doing all they can to make it work with Josh Richardson as their closer at the point.

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Q: I don’t understand all the talk about Zach LaVine for Tyler Herro. Herro shoots better from the field, from 3-point range, averages more points, assists and rebounds than LaVine, and is younger and gets paid less. — Joel, Fort Lauderdale.

A: Could not agree more, which is why I posted yesterday’s question about Zach LaVine. Salary matters. As does length of contract. But how ironic would it be if the featured player the Bulls got for Jimmy Butler then becomes a Butler teammate? Still, if the Heat had any doubts after their summer of speculation with Herro, Tyler seemed to answer them with his play before the ankle sprain.

Q: Ira, great to see Duncan Robinson back being a huge part of the rotation. He headlines our fantasy-basketball waiver-wire picks of the week. – Rob.

A: Anything to spark NBA interest in November is fine by me. And it certainly says something about Duncan Robinson’s perseverance that he can make himself part of somebody’s fantasy.