ASK IRA: Is what the Heat did against the Bulls translatable against the Celtics?

Q: Never doubt a sleeping giant. The Heat have spotted the Celtics one Jimmy Butler and still are about to create havoc. Loved Friday night and gonna love this, too, Ira. – Dan.

A: Hey, have yourself a night, as you did Friday. And who’s to argue about the thoroughness of what the Heat accomplished against the Bulls, even in the absences of Jimmy Butler and Terry Rozier. But let’s also not lose sight of how bad the Bulls are, and how anything short of victory Friday night would have created all sorts of Heat questions. But this season’s Celtics are not the injury-marred top-seeded Bucks that the Heat faced in last year’s first round. The Celtics are as strong a title contender as the East has featured in years, with all due respect to the Heat’s trips to the Finals. And there certainly is the chance for Erik Spoelstra to cook something up against Joe Mazzulla. So start with getting one against the Celtics, and then go from there.

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Q: Here’s my thoughts: If they had beaten the Pacers nine days ago they would have been the five seed and had the week off. And Jimmy would still be in the lineup. A real shame. – Rick.

A: Except the Jimmy Butler injury could have happened on any play against any opponent. So if not against the 76ers in the play-in, then possibly against someone in the first round, as was the case with Tyler Herro’s injury at the start of last year’s playoffs. Now, as far as the loss in Indiana, the seeding implications from that are undeniable. But what’s done is done and you move on. Friday night was some good Heat fun. Never take that that for granted.

Q: Play Delon Wright more. We need a point guard. – Henry.

A: Have to admit, Delon Wright has turned into somewhat of a revelation, after he seemingly was pushed aside in the rotation by Patty Mills. What Delon has done at the top of the Heat zone alongside Haywood Highsmith has been game changing. If he continues to hit 3-pointers, there should be a place in the rotation going forward.