Ashton Kutcher Nearly Vomits on 'The Tonight Show' From a 'Secret Ingredient'

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On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Ashton Kutcher, Vanessa Hudgens and Liam Payne joined Jimmy Fallon to play "Secret Ingredient." "Secret Ingredient" is a game in which Mario Batali served them a gourmet three course meal but each meal was prepared with one unusual secret ingredient.

Ashton Kutcher was a little unclear on the rules at first with his first guess being "dumpling rice wrap" when the secret ingredient was actually jagermeister. He seemed to think he was just giving a name to the whole meal.

But in round two when the ingredient was marshmallow fluff, he fought with Fallon over the spit buckets below the table to get the disgusting pizza bite out of his mouth as quickly as possible. Kutcher even washed his mouth out with water and spat that into the bucket.

After that round, Kutcher was definitely not excited about the prospect of tossing his cookies during the dessert round saying, "I just don't want to throw up."

Despite the dramatics, he ended up feeling pretty confident about his cheesecake's secret ingredient guessing "doritos" although it ended up being "fritos."

But it was the anchovy ice cream that really did him in as he had to immediately spit that out and do some dry heaving with his bucket. In the end, Ashton's palette detected the fishy ingredient and he went home a winner.

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