Ashland City police arrest soccer coach with long arrest history

ASHLAND CITY, Tenn. (WKRN) — A Cheatham County soccer coach is arrested at the soccer fields at River Bluff Park in front of kids and families.

According to an Ashland City Police report, on Saturday morning, April 13, Jesse Daniels, then 39 years old, was coming to the soccer fields with his young son.

According to body cam obtained by News 2, Daniels, who turned 40 on the 18th, told officers he was late for picture day with his team.

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Police told News 2, Daniels was clocked doing 27 miles per hour in a 10 mph zone. Police said he was driving faster than that before the officer was able to hit his radar gun.

Witnesses told officers that there were several kids near the road when Daniels arrived.

When the officer approached Daniels, things were immediately tense and quickly turned combative with Daniels yelling loudly, calling the officer names, and using vulgarity in front of his own son and others gathering to watch the disturbance in the parking lot.

  • Officer: “I’m stopping you for going over 10 mph.”

  • Daniels: “You really gonna bother me? I got 8:15 pictures and it’s 8:20.”

  • Officer: “Well you should’ve left earlier.”

  • Daniels: “So you gonna punish the kids because you on a power trip?

  • Officer: “I ain’t on no power trip.”

  • Daniels: “You are like any other mother (expletive)”

  • Officer: “Keep talking and using that language around the kids.”

  • Daniels: “Oh yea keep talking blah blah blah”

While the officer ran Daniels’s license, the soccer coach continued to be loud and chastise the officer.

  • Daniels: “I’m sorry I can’t come to the pictures right now because the police are bothering me, he can’t do real person’s work.”

The officer told Daniels to stop being loud and “running his mouth,” but Daniels didn’t listen to the officer’s advice.

  • Daniels: “All you are doing is hurting the kids.”

  • Officer: “All I am trying to do is keep people from running over the kids driving like idiots down through here.”

  • Daniels: “Your fat a** can’t even get out of the car you lazy POS you can’t even pass a physical.”

A few moments later, the suspect said, “Are you gonna give me a ticket or not?”

  • Officer: “‘m working on it bubba”

  • Daniels: “Are you?”

  • Officer: “Yeah”

  • Daniels: “Well you are slow as *** maybe cause your brain don’t work right!”

News 2 has looked into Daniels’s long criminal history. According to TDOC, Daniels was convicted of Schedule II Drugs: Cocaine x 2 (2008) and sentenced to 8 years. He was paroled in 2011.

According to TDOC, his parole was revoked in April of 2013 for violation. His parole was reinstated in October 2013. Daniels expired his sentence on July 16, 2014.

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In Metro, Daniels’s arrest history dates back to the early 2000’s. His arrests include aggravated assault, evading arrest, and multiple DUI’s.

At one point in the stop, Daniels began yelling at people who have gathered to watch the incident unfolding. Daniels was agitated and the officer quickly moved to the suspect, throwing on handcuffs.

  • Officer: “You are under arrest.”

  • Daniels: “Oh I am?”

  • Officer: “For disorderly conduct.”

The soccer coach took exception to being seat-belted into the squad car, fighting the officer’s attempts to place the seat belt across his chest.

  • Daniels: “No you ain’t gonna put that seat belt on me!”

While on his way to jail, the Ashland City man didn’t hold anything back

  • Daniels: “You ruined the kids’ soccer. Good job. Good job.”

  • Daniels: “You ****** piece of ****.”

At one point, while the officer was attempting to use his radio, Daniels screamed at the top of his lungs.

  • Daniels: “All you do is drink coffee and eat donuts you fat ***.”

  • Daniels: “Here I am going to arrest a soccer coach out at the soccer field because I am bored and I ain’t got **** else to do.”

After making multiple homophobic and disparaging comments to the officer, multiple jailers and officers placed Daniels in a restraint chair outside the Cheatham County Jail.

It’s at this point that Daniels agreed to cooperate and walked himself into the jail where he was booked on charges of Disorderly Conduct.

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News 2 has reached out to the Cheatham County Soccer Association but as of this writing, no one from the organization has responded to our queries.

There are many questions still lingering about Daniels’ status as a coach and whether his background was looked at prior to him becoming a children’s coach.

Ironically, Ashland City Police told News 2, initially, they were only going to give Jesse Carl Daniels a warning about the speeding until he began using vulgarities and foul language around children at the park.

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