How the Art is Revolution campaign proves art can create social change

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Groups under Verizon Media collaborated with All Black Creatives, a community made up of Black artists, to produce Art is Revolution (AIR), a 30-day campaign and WebAR museum that showcased Black artists around the world — from New York, St. Louis, Philadelphia and Oakland, Calif., to London, Paris and Australia.

“AIR in itself is really a celebration of Black artists and voices, and also a way to pave the way to continue to have more different voices and storytellers within the XR space,” Karen Masumoto, the creative lead at RYOT, explained.

“I’ve been born in a time where people are waking up again,” Damon Davis, one of the artists featured in AIR, said. “I’m just trying to use the talents that I’ve got to be a voice for people and for myself.”

Using methods such as drone capture and photogrammetry, RYOT was able to curate certain pieces from around the world and render them virtually as 3D versions.

“In order to change the world, you have to start with yourself,” sculptor Murjoni Merriweather said. “My work talks about self-love of Black people — who we are, what we actually become, who we want to be, who we decide to be.”

The event is an example of the partnership between technology and art, and potentially, the future of installations.

Creator and curator for AIR Danielle Elise said it best: “Art always has the power to be a catalyst for change.”

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