How does Arsene Wenger still have a job at Arsenal?

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It’s no secret that Arsene Wenger is a divisive figure at Arsenal football club. Many stand by him for the incredible way in which he has revolutionized the club—and arguably English soccer—since he arrived on the scene.

During his tenure, he has transformed “Boring, boring Arsenal” into one of the most entertaining sides in Europe, whose consistency in dining at the Champions League table has been unmatched.

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But in this game, one cannot rest on one’s laurels.

It has become evident that Wenger is no longer the force that lead a team to the very top. He can no longer motivate his side, he cannot get the best out of the transfer market and he absolutely cannot appease the Arsenal fanbase.

Frankly, it is baffling to see consider how he still has a job in North London.

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