Arsenal's Aubameyang dons Black Panther mask to celebrate Europa League goal

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Hopefully Shuri doesn't delete this footage. (Getty)
Hopefully Shuri doesn't delete this footage. (Getty)

In a nod to both a popular Marvel character and ancestry, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang delivered a celebration worth celebrating Thursday.

The Arsenal striker scored twice as his side eliminated Rennes 3-0 in the Europa League, the continent’s second-tier international club competition behind the Champions League.

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After the second goal, Aubameyang went over to the wall behind the net and fished out a Black Panther mask, which had clearly been waiting for him throughout the second half, if not all night:

The celebration coincides with the release of the Black Panther-less Avengers: Endgame trailer – if you want to know why he’s not in it, go see Infinity War – and it also honors Aubameyang’s bloodlines.

Born in France, Aubameyang is the son of former Gabon captain Pierre. The Gabonese national team’s nickname is “Les Panthères” and the federation’s badge is literally a black panther.

Aubameyang alluded to it in post-match quotes, and has shared similar sentiments on social media before. Though after Thursday’s win, he also spun the celebration back toward the comics:

This isn’t the first time he’s donned the mask of a superhero either:

Gabon has never been to the World Cup, nor has it ever been past the quarterfinals of the Africa Cup of Nations. Aubameyang is the country’s all-time leading scorer, and unquestionably its greatest player ever.

As of Thursday, he’s now the author of its greatest goal celebration ever, too.

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