Arsenal here to stay as they hunt down Manchester City

LONDON — Arsenal had one clear message for Manchester City after just coming up short in the title race: we're coming for you.

City finished two points above Arsenal to win the title on the final day, but this is an Arsenal team which secured their most wins (29), scored their most goals (91) in a Premier League season and had the best defense.

They are right there and aren't going anywhere. Despite the disappointment the feeling swirling in the air is that this is just the start for Arsenal.

Change is in the air

After their 2-1 win on Championship Sunday there was positivity everyehwere. The fans applauded them off the pitch. Arsenal are heading quickly in one direction: up.

With plenty of Manchester City’s main men probably moving on in the next few years, plus the uncertainty over the Premier League charges and Pep Guardiola not going to stay forever, there is an opportunity coming up for Arsenal. Manchester City aren't going to dominate like this for much longer. There is no way they can rebuild this squad without a few down years.

This young Arsenal squad are still nowhere near their peak and have had all of this experience together and they have come so close already. There is a real opportunity for Arsenal in the coming years. They know it. With careful recruitment and building on this season, they are going to be City's closest contenders over the next few seasons.

“Don’t be satisfied” is the message

Speaking on the pitch after the game, captain Martin Odegaard urged the fans to keep pushing the team forward and praised the way the players have changed the mentality: "We've changed the club. I think you all believe in us now."

Speaking on the pitch after the game, Arteta praised everyone at Arsenal for believing in the project and which direction they’re heading in, but urged the fans to not be satisfied with finished second.

"All this is happening because you started believing, you started to be patient and started to understand what we tried to do. All the credit has to go to the players and the staff," Arteta said. "Please keep pushing. Keep inspiring this team. Don't be satisfied. We want much more than that and we’re going to get it."

Speaking to fans outside the stadium before the game, they were all singing from exactly the same hymn sheet and issued this warning to Manchester City: "They need to watch their backs! We will improve again and again, like we've done every season under Arteta. We are coming." That was the message over and over again.

Staff, players and fans all believe. They all have total faith this team is going in the right direction and is going to win something big soon.

Manchester City are the only object, and a magnificent football object, left in their way.