Arrowverse crossover 'Crisis on Earth-X' ends in two weddings and a funeral

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The CW crossover event, "Crisis on Earth-X," came to a bittersweet end Tuesday night. The final two episodes aired during The Flash and DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and by the time they were done two heroes were married and one was dead.

Dr. Martin Stein, who is half of alter ego Firestorm, died from injuries sustained while opening the breach to Earth-1. Martin was shot multiple times and in order to save his partner, Jax, he took a serum that separated their bond before he passed.

After defeating the Nazis and evil doppelganger Supergirl, Arrow, and Reverse Flash, the heroes buried Martin.

Since Barry was already wearing a tie, he and Iris decided to officially get married. They brought in John Diggle to be the officiant at the impromptu wedding.

Just as the couple was about to say "I do," Felicity stopped the wedding so her and Oliver could also get married.

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