Army-Navy recruiting battles heat up, but ...

A.M. Allan, GBK Sr. Recruiting Analyst
Go Black Knights

Just this week, the Army Black Knights lost out on a recent recruiting battle with the Navy Midshipmen, as defensive end Nick Croawell opted to take his talents to Annapolis (MD) over West Point (NY).

The Rivals-3 star prospect has tremendous upside and is a very solid pick up for the Navy coaching staff.

On the flip side, Army continues their very favorable recruiting relative to the 2018 recruiting class, and as of yesterday pulled in their 8th Rivals 3-star prospect which extremely impressive to say the least.



Although what we are about to say next may be all about nothing or perhaps a little about something, it is worth mentioning for those fans who truly follow the flow of college recruiting and especially the recruiting rivalry that exist between Army and Navy, because they often find themselves battling for the same prospects.

So let’s just take a quick peek at what may be an attempt to push the proverbial envelope just a little and give themselves [Navy] a slight edge when it comes to head to head recruiting competition against Army, but just in general.

From the Rivals site,, it was reported on August 4th that OL Bryce Texeira eats up the last spot in Navy's 2018 recruiting class.

“I had no intentions of committing on this day. I saw that Michael Naze had committed and there had been a slew of other commitments, so I was worried that it was filling up quick,” Texeira told “I texted the coach and asked how many spots were left and when I would have to commit by. My original plan was to wait until around August.

“Then he texted me back when I was at the mall and told me there was only one spot left. I started freaking out and called my dad up from the mall and told him I was going to commit and didn’t get to talk to him a whole bunch, but my parents were supportive. At the mall I called the coach up and committed.”

Since his June 27th pledge, the Midshipmen have added approximately 26 players and 3 were projected offensive linemen, like Texeira.

Rivals 2-star QB Steve Steen, who was offered by both Army and Navy before committing to the Midshipmen back in May did so after being told like Texeira, that spots were being filled, which of course may be exactly where Navy’s class was at that time. However, since Steen’s commitment, Navy has brought in one other QB in Christian Perez.

Then there is 2-star DE Cal Long out of Austin (TX), who was a Army Junior Day attendee, but gave his pledge to Navy back in June. From the time of his commitment, the Midshipmen have received the pledge of four other defensive ends, including the aforementioned Croawell.

“They were not pressuring me that hard,” Long told “In the end I knew I wanted to commit to Navy simply because I wanted to be Marine Infantry after I graduated. There was some pressure when everyone started committing and that's when I decided that I would commit. They never told me that I had the last spot and they were honest with me on who they were going to let commit at D-end.”

Much about nothing or perhaps a little about something? Who knows, but the Army-Navy Recruiting Wars will continue onward.

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