Arizona Cardinals' Steve Keim called out by ESPN's Mina Kimes after NFL playoff loss

A lot of people were quick to blame head coach Kliff Kingsbury and quarterback Kyler Murray in the aftermath of the Arizona Cardinals' late-season collapse, which concluded with an embarrassing loss to the Los Angeles Rams in the NFL playoffs.

But another person should not escape criticism, according to one ESPN analyst.

ESPN's Mina Kimes blasted the entire organization on First Take on Tuesday, but specifically had criticism for GM Steve Keim and his construction of the Cardinals' roster.

“The fact that they’re so dependent on a single wide receiver I believe is an indictment not only of their offensive system but their entire roster,” Kimes said. “We try to blame one person after a collapse like this, but this was an institutional failure. We saw a quarterback who was panicking under pressure, a head coach that I believe took too long to make adjustments when his offensive line was getting obliterated by the Rams pass rush and a roster that lacked depth."

She continued: "And I want to key in on that and the job that Steve Keim, the GM has done, because all season long when Stephen A. (Smith) was putting this team on the top of his A list, and trying to sell them as a Super Bowl contender, I expressed doubt week after week because I saw a lack of depth. You saw it with the offensive line. You saw it in the wide receiver group. You saw it in the secondary, at linebacker, going back-to-back with those off-ball linebackers who couldn’t even see the field because they didn’t trust them to stop the run and that’s what concerns me so much about this team going forward, going back to the original question about their ceiling. I look at this roster and I don’t see them getting better and that’s a problem.”

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Kimes wasn't the only person to call out Keim and the construction of the Cardinals' roster in the wake of the team's loss to the Rams and collapse at the end of the season.

Several other media personalities and fans of the team slammed the general manager on social media in the aftermath of the team's loss in Los Angeles.

Some even called for Keim to be fired.

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How much blame does Steve Keim deserve for the Arizona Cardinals' end-of-season collapse?
How much blame does Steve Keim deserve for the Arizona Cardinals' end-of-season collapse?

Interestingly, an azcentral sports Twitter poll asking who is most to blame for the Cardinals' end-of-season collapse was easy on Keim's role in the Cardinals' struggles.

45.8% of respondents voted that Kingsbury deserved the most blame, with 25.7% voting for quarterback Kyler Murray.

14.3% answered that it was "the players" that deserved the most blame.

Keim received 14.2% of the votes.

How much blame do you think the GM deserves for the Cardinals' woes?

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