ARI uses ‘next-level thinking’ to add draft picks

Mike Florio and Chris Simms outline how the Cardinals managed to stack up draft picks for 2024 while adding key prospects from this year’s draft.

Video Transcript

MIKE FLORIO: Oh, by the way, by the way, the Cardinals emerged from this draft by working the board with 10 picks next year. And if we put any stock in the over-under win totals, they may have one and two next year. If the Texans stink and if they stink, they're going to have one and two, and they're going to have a hell of a decision to make because it could be Caleb Williams time for the Arizona Cardinals, which means no more Kyler Murray time if that happens. But they are stacked for next year.

And it just kind of tells you they don't expect a whole lot this year, Chris, when they gave up so much this year to stockpile next year. Next year is the year--


MIKE FLORIO: --that they're going to try to replenish a roster that Daniel Jeremiah said before the draft-- and again, it's one of the rare occasions where somebody connected to the draft says something negative-- he said the Cardinals have the worst roster in the NFL by far.

CHRIS SIMMS: Yeah, no. I think that's fair to say. I think this draft is a good start. One, I mean, Paris Johnson, franchise left tackle. Ojulari is a good edge rusher. They needed that. Garrett Williams, a good nickelback. Michael Wilson, Mike, this is one of my top five receivers. It's just injury history and stuff like that that is why he's a third-round pick.

Even Owen Pappoe at the bottom there, Mike, he's a guy, 235, he ran 4-3 at the Combine. So they did a pretty good job, but to your point, you're right. Next year is the year.

And where I like it too, Mike, with Monti Ossenfort, the new GM there, one, making moves, being aggressive, and doing what he's got to do, but two, as we talked about of this whole process from the Combine to now, and then as anybody has said, this was a weak draft class. It was not deep. It lacked superstars. There was not a robust middle class or upper middle class or anything like that in this draft.

So what does he do? He kicks the can to next year, where, I hear from people that it's supposed to be a very good draft next year, and there's a ton of talent. So now, he's got picks and assets, and what? I think, six picks in the first three rounds next year to play with and take that next step for the football team? So that's where, I think, it's really good and next-level thinking by Monti Ossenfort, their new GM.

MIKE FLORIO: By the way, one item of unfinished business from the Cardinals that I think we mentioned yesterday. I know I wrote about it at PFT. Jonathan Gannon, the head coach, avoiding the media all three days of the draft is not required.


MIKE FLORIO: But everybody does it.

CHRIS SIMMS: Not a good look.

MIKE FLORIO: Bill Belichick does it. Everybody does it.


MIKE FLORIO: He's going to do it today. He's been shamed into it.


MIKE FLORIO: So he'll be meeting with reporters today, and I hope he's pressed on this whole tampering thing and what else he did during the two weeks to get ready for the Super Bowl that crossed the line. Because even though the Cardinals were at fault, he didn't have to take the call. He didn't have to engage in the tampering that the Cardinals initiated by talking to him when they shouldn't have spoken to him.

He took the call. He engaged in the call. How long was the call? How many times did you talk to him? What else were you doing those two weeks to get ready for your next job instead of getting ready for the Super Bowl? Now, I doubt that many Philly reporters are going to make it out there for the session, but if there were Philly reporters there, I have a feeling they would be very aggressive about it.