Argentinian soccer team opens new stadium in normal fashion: With a giant holographic flaming lion

Jack Baer
LA PLATA, ARGENTINA - NOVEMBER 08: Aereal view of the new stadium Jorge Luis Hischi (also known as UNO Stadium) which will be inaugurated on Saturday 09 on November 8, 2019 in La Plata, Argentina. (Photo by Gustavo Garello/Jam Media/Getty Images)
It was a special night at Jorge Luis Hischi Stadium. (Photo by Gustavo Garello/Jam Media/Getty Images)

Look, the opening of a new sports stadium is an invariably upbeat occasion. Speeches are made, plaques and banners are revealed, fireworks are lit, jets might fly overhead.

But at the center of every attending fan’s heart lies an uneasy question: “Why am I not watching an enormous flaming lion roaring over this new stadium?”

For the first time in sports history, an Argentinian soccer club has solved that problem.

Stadium opens with flaming lion

Argentina’s Estudiantes de La Plata celebrated the reopening of Jorge Luis Hirschi Stadium after years of renovations with a friendly match and live rock performance on Monday, per The Telegraph.

To mark the occasion, the team unleashed a 100-foot tall holographic lion into the stadium, complete with fire effects and appropriate backing music.

The use of the lion stems from the club’s nickname among fans, literally El León. Not that you need a reason to make use of such technology.

Best of luck to Estudiantes as they embark on a new, decidedly more metal era at their improved stadium.

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