Argentina FA publish astonishing manual to help seduce Russian women

A helping hand: Argentina’s players have been given some off-the-pitch advice
A helping hand: Argentina’s players have been given some off-the-pitch advice

The Argentinian Football Association have published a cringeworthy eight-point guide dedicated to helping their players and officials score with Russian women.

The manual – offering tips on “how to get lucky with a Russian girl” – was sent to players, coaches, officials and to journalists heading to the World Cup.

The shocking page was eventually ripped out, but not before it hit social media ahead of next month’s big kick-off.

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Men are wisely urged to “take care of their appearance” and reminded “Russian girls do not like to be regarded as objects, and hate annoying men”.

The advice is to “treat the woman in front of you as someone with value, with her own ideas and desires” – and not to discuss any sex they may enjoy with others.

No go: The guide tells players to not bore women – or talk to them about how much they earn

Point two remind them that: “Russian girls are very pretty, but many just want to take them to bed.”

Further down, the guide reads: “Don’t ask the typical questions. Be original, normally they’d want to know about you. Make her trust you.”

It signs off by suggesting arrogance won’t win the Russian women around.

“Do not try to impress the girl in the wrong way,” read bullet point eight. “Maybe you think of impressing her by talking about the money you have, that you know everything, that you are perfect and others are poor fools.

“In the end, if the girl has a little sense, she will throw you out. Be sincere and talk about yourself in real terms, talk about your flaws in a fun way and about your positive points.”