Arena Football League returns with a thud

The Arena Football League, which launched in the '80s and went through various sizes and shapes before disappearing in 2020, returned this weekend. There were complications, to say the least.

As explained by the Philadelphia Inquirer, via Sports Business Journal, games were supposed to be televised by NFL Network. They ultimately were not.

The NFL has not responded to a request for confirmation and comment regarding the failure of the games to be televised this weekend. Current NFLN listings show that an Arena League game is due to be televised on Thursday night at 8:00 p.m. ET.

More specifically, the Philadelphia Soul had a weekend to forget. Per the Inquirer, many players allegedly were released Friday and booted from the Super 8 motel where they had been staying. Their luggage, according to the report, was taken from them and locked in a room.

Apparently, the league took ownership of the Soul after a group that was going to buy the team backed out.

The Philadelphia coach, Patrick Pimmel, stepped own the day before the Soul were due to face the Louisiana VooDoo in Lafayette. Players from the Dallas Falcons of American Arena League 2 (apparently not to be confused with American Arena League 1) served as replacements for the Soul.

The VooDoo won in a blowout, 53-18. There's no mention of the game on what appears to be the Arena League's current website, which has AI-quality summaries of the other seven contests.

Hopefully it is AI generated. It would be sad to think human had the time or inclination to write more than 1,000 words about the Billings Outlaws beating the Wichita Regulators, 66-28.