All-Area Football 2023: The Dalton Daily Citizen's All-Area Teams

Jan. 13—Player of the Year: Judson Petty, senior, North Murray (wide receiver/linebacker/athlete) — 67 receptions for 1,407 yards and 14 touchdowns; 89 carries for 518 yards and six touchdowns; 110 tackles; One passing touchdown; Two interceptions; Three defensive touchdowns. Broke state record for most receiving yards in one game with 360 yards against Pickens. Region 7-2A Athlete of the Year. Atlanta Journal-Constitution first team all-state. Georgia Public Broadcasting all-state.

First team

Ethan Long, junior, Dalton (quarterback) — 2,848 passing yards with 31 touchdowns and six interceptions; 64% completion percentage; 16 yards per completion. Region 7-5A second team.

Gavin Nuckolls, sophomore, Northwest Whitfield (quarterback) — 199-for-318 passing for 2,566 yards and 22 touchdowns with seven interceptions; 108 carries for 408 yards and four touchdowns. Region 7-4A first team.

Carter Triplett, junior, Christian Heritage School (quarterback) — 2,802 total yards; 31 total touchdowns. Region 7-A DII first team.

Chase Ward, senior, Coahulla Creek (quarterback) — 102-for-200 passing for 1,415 yards and 13 touchdowns; 88 carries for 517 yards and 11 touchdowns. Set school records for total yards and passing yards in a game and tied a school record for rushing touchdowns in a season. Region 6-3A Offensive Player of the Year.

Skyler Williams, junior, North Murray (quarterback) — 132-for-248 passing for 2,511 yards and 22 touchdowns; 152 carries for 1,201 yards and 17 touchdowns. Only quarterback in the state to pass for 2,000 or more yards and rush for 1,000 or more yards. Region 7-2A Offensive Player of the Year.

Adriel Hernandez, senior, Dalton (running back/linebacker) — 216 carries for 1,397 yards and 18 touchdowns; 23 receptions for 305 yards; 112 tackles; Two interceptions; Six sacks; 16 tackles for loss. Region 7-5A Co-Player of the Year.

Keith Collins, senior, Coahulla Creek (wide receiver/defensive back) — 34 catches for 440 yards and two touchdowns; 72 tackles; Four interceptions; One fumble recovery. Set school record for catches and receiving yards in a game. Region 6-3A first team.

Isaiah Foster, senior, Northwest Whitfield (wide receiver) — 45 catches for 546 yards and four touchdowns. Region 7-4A first team.

Hudson Gray, senior, Northwest Whitfield (wide receiver/defensive back/punter) — 54 catches for 723 yards and nine touchdowns; 26 tackles; Seven pass breakups; One fumble recovery. Region 7-4A first team.

Hudson Hulett, sophomore, North Murray (wide receiver/defensive back) — 45 catches for 823 yards and six touchdowns; 102 tackles. Region 7-2A first team.

Charlie Idom, junior, Christian Heritage (wide receiver) — 811 receiving yards. Region 7-A DII first team.

Kendrix London, junior, Dalton (wide receiver/defensive back) — 47 catches for 833 yards and nine touchdowns; 59 tackles; One interception. Region 7-5A second team.

Bubba Tanner, senior, Dalton (wide receiver/defensive back) — 42 catches for 837 yards and 15 touchdowns; 23 rushes for 184 yards and one touchdown; One passing touchdown; 92 tackles; Five interceptions; 21 pass breakups. Region 7-5A first team.

Jeffson Locke, senior, Dalton (tight end/defensive end) — 316 receiving yards; Two receiving touchdowns; 22 pancake blocks; 126 tackles; 19 tackles for loss; 10 sacks; One fumble recovery. Region 7-5A first team.

Levi Lowery, senior, Coahulla Creek (tight end/defensive line) — Two receiving touchdowns; 65 tackles; 12 tackles for loss. Set school record for tackles for loss in a game and tied school record for tackles for loss in a season. Region 6-3A first team.

Bannon Phelan, senior, Dalton (tight end/defensive end) — 119 receiving yards; Two receiving touchdowns; 18 pancake blocks; 56 tackles; Nine sacks; One fumble recovery. Region 7-5A second team.

Braxton Vineyard, senior, Murray County (tight end/defensive back) — 16 catches for 280 yards and four touchdowns; Three interceptions. Region 7-2A first team.

Duncan Carpenter, junior, Christian Heritage (offensive line/defensive line) — Region 7-A DII first team.

Aiden Ellis, junior, North Murray (defensive line) — 47 tackles; Four sacks. Region 7-2A first team.

Austin Newton, senior, North Murray (offensive line/defensive line) — 30 pancake blocks. Region 7-2A first team.

Peyton Starling, junior, Dalton (offensive line/defensive line) — 15 pancake blocks; No sacks allowed; 61 tackles; Nine tackles for loss; 13 sacks; One forced fumble. Region 7-5A second team.

Brayden Thomason, junior, Murray County (offensive line) — Region 7-2A first team.

Stryker Woods, senior, Dalton (offensive line/defensive line) — 27 pancake blocks; No sacks allowed; 53 tackles; Six tackles for loss; One sack; One fumble recovery.

Myles Mays, junior, Northwest Whitfield (defensive end) — 76 tackles; 14 tackles for loss; Six sacks; 23 pressures; One recovered fumble; One interception returned for touchdown. Region 7-4A first team.

Jacob Daley, sophomore, North Murray (linebacker) — Led team with 131 tackles; Four sacks; Three rumble recoveries. Region 7-2A first team.

Caden Ramsey, junior, Northwest Whitfield (linebacker) — 89 tackles; 17 tackles for loss; Six sacks; 14 pressures; One fumble recovery; One interception. Region 7-4A first team.

Hunter Rogers, junior, Southeast Whitfield (linebacker) — Led team in tackles with 71; Three tackles for loss; Two sacks; Two pass breakups; Three blocked field goals. Region 7-4A second team.

Andy Atangana, senior, Dalton (defensive back) — 57 tackles; Four interceptions; Nine pass breakups; Two fumble recoveries; Only allowed seven catches and only thrown to 26 times all season. Region 7-5A first team.

Kade Parker, junior, Northwest Whitfield (defensive back) — 90 tackles; One interception; Six pass breakups. Region 7-4A first team.

Adrian Gongora, junior, Dalton (kicker/running back/defensive back) — Region 7-5A second team.

Second team

Judah Woodall, senior, Murray County (quarterback/linebacker/punter) — 135 carries for 702 yards and four touchdowns; 65 completions for 749 yards and seven touchdowns; 34 tackles; four tackles for loss; 30-yard punting average. Region 7-2A second team.

Jacob Layman, senior, Southeast Whitfield (quarterback/defensive back) — 520 rushing yards; 5.3 yards per carry. Region 7-4A honorable mention.

Karim Bradley, senior, Coahulla Creek (running back/linebacker) — 108 carries for 437 yards and eight touchdowns; 52 tackles; Six tackles for loss.

Braylon Myers, senior, Murray County (running back) — 104 carries for 549 yards; 126 receiving yards. Region 7-2A second team.

Sawyer Corn, sophomore, Christian Heritage (wide receiver/defensive back) — Region 7-A DII first team.

Akendris Douglas, junior, Northwest Whitfield (wide receiver) — 45 catches for 536 yards and three touchdowns. Region 7-4A second team.

RJ Storey, senior, Dalton (wide receiver/defensive back) — 36 catches for 445 yards and five touchdowns; Four interceptions; Eight pass breakups; One fumble recovery. Region 7-5A second team.

Nate Tilley, senior, Coahulla Creek (wide receiver/linebacker) — 18 catches for 366 yards and four touchdowns; 67 tackles; Two forced fumbles. Region 6-3A second team.

Benji Michmerhuizen, sophomore, Christian Heritage (tight end/defensive end) — Region 7-A DII first team.

Josh Hurtado, junior, Southeast Whitfield (offensive line) — Three pancake blocks. Region 7-4A second team.

Chevy Joyce, sophomore, Coahulla Creek (offensive line/defensive line) — 0 sacks allowed; 15 tackles; Three sacks.

Max Moore, junior, Chrstian Heritage (offensive line/defensive line) — Region 7-A DII first team.

Joseph Morales, senior, Southeast Whitfield (offensive line) — 10 pancake blocks. Region 7-4A honorable mention.

Caden Painter, junior, North Murray (offensive line) — Region 7-2A second team.

Roberto Rios, junior, Southeast Whitfield (defensive line) — 40 tackles; Three tackles for loss; Two sacks; One fumble recovery. Region 7-4A honorable mention.

Nate Rivera, junior, North Murray (defensive line) — 40 tackles. Region 7-2A second team.

Riley Souther, senior, Dalton (offensive line/defensive line) — 12 pancake blocks; No sacks allowed. Region 7-5A second team.

Dominick Johnson, junior, Northwest Whitfield (linebacker) — 93 tackles; Six tackles for loss; One fumble recovery; One interception; One defensive touchdown. Region 7-4A second team.

Kalem Staton, junior, Dalton (linebacker) — 80 tackles; Three sacks; Two forced fumbles.

Tyler Douglas, freshman, Coahulla Creek (defensive back) — 68 tackles; Two interceptions; Two fumble recoveries. Region 6-3A honorable mention.

Ju'Alan George, senior, North Murray (defensive back) — Region 7-2A first team.

Jake Hastey, senior, Southeast Whitfield (defensive back) — 39 tackles; Three interceptions; Eight pass breakups. Region 7-4A honorable mention.

AJ Johnson, senior, Murray County (defensive back) — 69 tackles; Two tackles for loss. Region 7-2A second team.

Kaden Myers, senior, North Murray (defensive back) — 65 tackles; One interception. Region 7-2A second team.

JJ Plaza, senior, Northwest Whitfield (kicker) — 35-for-36 on extra points; 4-for-7 on field goals, including a game-winner. Region 7-4A honorable mention.

Carson Russell, senior, Christian Heritage (kicker) — Region 7-A DII first team.

Honorable mention

Christian Heritage School: Kyreece Broome (offensive line), Bryce Gay (offensive line)

Coahulla Creek: Alex Goniea (offensive line/defensive line), Danny Lidy (running back/defensive back), Jackson Lowery (offensive line/defensive line), Isaac McGill (offensive line), Luke Swiney (wide receiver)

Dalton: Michael Nguyen (offensive line)

Murray County: Parker Hawkins (wide receiver), Xander Pack (linebacker), Nate Perry (wide receiver)

North Murray: Juan Martinez (kicker), Layten Myers (running back/linebacker), Caden Walston (defensive back)

Northwest Whitfield: Lucas Amos (linebacker), Cameron Collins (running back), Caid Combs (offensive line), Austin Cooley (wide receiver), Rayvon Foster (defensive back), Adrian Madrigal (defensive line), Bryant Stanley (offensive line), Dawson Whitmore (linebacker)

Southeast Whitfield: Abiel Hernandez (defensive line), Kaleb Padilla (linebacker), Carlos Ramos (offensive line), Alberto Rios (running back)