Are there still tensions in Jacksonville, even after Jalen Ramsey trade?

Last month, Jacksonville Jaguars team owner Shad Khan said he didn’t want to trade cornerback Jalen Ramsey — he wanted to make him the highest-paid layer at his position.

But after a few weeks of tension, apparently between Ramsey and other members of the Jaguars front office, Ramsey was traded to the Los Angeles Rams on Tuesday for two first-round picks.

Come Wednesday morning, however, it became apparent that the tension might not have been solely between Ramsey and Jaguars’ higher-ups.

‘I just wish I could give you the insight’

The Jaguars have an odd power structure — they do have a named general manager, David Caldwell, but he seems to be a figurehead. Tom Coughlin, officially listed as executive vice president of football operations on the team website (below only Khan and president Mark Lamping), is in charge and has final say over personnel moves.

Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone expressed frustration at being the team's lone voice on Wednesday. (AP)
Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone expressed frustration at being the team's lone voice on Wednesday. (AP)

Coughlin, however, doesn’t often speak with media. Jacksonville released a bland, three-sentence statement attributed to Coughlin on Wednesday morning regarding the Ramsey trade, but it appears that’s the extent of what he’ll “say” on the matter.

Head coach Doug Marrone is obligated to speak to media, and as he was peppered with questions about the trade, he got visibly frustrated with being the lone public voice and essentially threw Coughlin under the bus.

“I know you guys are probably frustrated, but you’re talking to a guy that ... that has, I would say a big job, to get the players ready, that we’re discussing something that has nothing to do with where my mind is right now, honestly ... And I wish we could get someone up here that could answer it for him. I do,” he said, gesturing toward media relations staff also in the room.

It’s completely understandable that Marrone would get frustrated. Fans have questions, media can ask questions, but Marrone isn’t the one that made the trade. Coughlin is. Coughlin should be standing in front of cameras and recorders to at least face questions about his relationship with Ramsey and the decision to trade one of the best young cornerbacks in the NFL.

‘The Jacksonville Jaguars are doing just fine’

Apparently statements are a trend in Duval; AP reporter Mark Long posted one from Khan midday.

“The Jacksonville Jaguars are doing just fine today. I give kudos to our football staff for not only managing this matter extremely well, but giving our team and fans a lot to look forward to in years to come. Credit also goes to our players for their professional approach throughout this situation. It did not go unnoticed. Now it’s time to turn the attention again to what’s most important — the Jacksonville Jaguars.”

Though the timing is interesting, coming after Marrone’s comments, this seems to be more about the Ramsey trade than any issues between his team’s head coach and the man running the show behind the scenes.

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