From the Archives: February 17 in the Pioneer

Feb. 17—February 17, 2014 — Residents in several northern Minnesota towns have been asked to keep a cold water tap running in order to prevent incoming water lines from freezing. This request comes as the state has recorded the highest number of days below zero in one winter, putting public infrastructure at risk of damage.

February 17, 1999 — This year's Minnesota Finlandia, a cross country ski race held at the Buena Vista Ski Resort north of Bemidji, is gearing up, with the first races scheduled for Feb. 20. Participants from across the state and the country are arriving in town and preparing for the competition.

February 17, 1974 — A fire has completely destroyed a mobile home in Frohn Township just east of Bemidji. The home of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Reeves was engulfed in flames Sunday evening, though the two were not present at the time. A neighbor called in the blaze and firefighters arrived in less than 10 minutes, but the home was already lost.

February 17, 1924 — It is recommended that Minnesota farmers take up growing corn to help reduce snow drifts during the winter. The state's highway maintenance officials are encouraging the crop in an effort to keep roads clear during the snowier months of the year without extensive labor.