Arch Manning delivers perfect game for Isidore Newman

Arch Manning continues to stun.

The son of Cooper Manning, grandson of Archie and nephew of Eli and Peyton, may have done something his famous relatives never accomplished Friday as Isidore Newman crushed Fisher, 70-0.

Newman put up 35 points in the first quarter so it was obviously going to be a short night for the junior phenom quarterback.

While he did play, all Arch Manning did was go 11-for-11 with 4 touchdown passes. He also chipped in with a touchdown run, one of two carries for 16 yards.

“They were dropping eight all night so the short stuff and the run game was there,” Manning said after the Greenies went to 4-0 with the rout. “I think we had a good week of practice, and we went in and executed the plays that were called.

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“St. Charles is really well-coached with a really good defense. We’re going to need a good week of preparation, and I’m ready for Thursday at Southeastern.”

Don’t get too excited by the Georgia cap he is wearing in the picture. It was taken when Manning visited Athens for the South Carolina game.

The recruiting sweepstakes continues.