'Aquaman' star admits jeans were a 'bad choice'

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Director James Wan and the cast of Aquaman visited Conan's Comic-Con set where they addressed the widely discussed topic of why Aquaman would swim in jeans?

Denim and water are not friends. Wet denim is incredibly cumbersome to wear both in and out of the water. But in Aquaman's debut in Justice League, as well as the first Aquaman poster, star Jason Momoa is wears wet jeans.

Near the beginning of the casts visit, host Conan asked the director why he chose to put his water based superhero in a pair of hip hugging jeans. Wan replied, "Firstly, I want to say, I tried to get Jason to do it pantless."

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Wan went on to explain that the decision was actually made by Momoa. But Momoa admitted, "denim was a bad choice." The star went on to say, "Denim is phenomenal. Looks great. But when it's wet, it's rough. Rough!"

The jeans don't appear to slow down Aquaman in the trailer, but we'll know more when the film crashes into the theater December 21st.

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