Apple's new SharePlay feature for FaceTime will support TikTok, NBA and Disney+

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A screenshot of the SharePlay feature on FaceTime.
A screenshot of the SharePlay feature on FaceTime.

On Monday, Apple rolled out an update to iPhones so users can talk on FaceTime while watching their favorite shows and movies or listening to music.

Soon, iPhone owners on FaceTime will add the ability to watch NBA games together and experience their favorite TikTok videos.

Apple confirmed new partners that will support SharePlay, available through the update to iOS 15, as well as tvOS. TikTok, Disney+ and the NBA are among the new partners Apple has teamed up with to support SharePlay.

SharePlay support for TikTok and the NBA app will debut Wednesday. The Disney+ app will begin supporting SharePlay later this year.

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How do you use SharePlay?

When pulling up a FaceTime call, a button will appear on the right, allowing you to share your screen. This provides friends a window into what's on your phone during a FaceTime call.

Let's say you are on a video call with a friend or family member and you want to watch a Disney movie together. You'd pull up the Disney+ app while on the call and join SharePlay. Other callers will get a prompt alerting them about joining the session; then, you can start the movie.

Any person can pause, fast forward or rewind at any time. If anyone starts talking, volume from the video will automatically lower, then return to normal once everyone stops talking.

You can also use other apps while involved in a SharePlay session, which will appear in a picture-in-picture style window. From there, you can shoot a text or look up information on another app, while still viewing the movie in SharePlay.

The process is similar for the NBA app, where users can watch games together through a separate subscription to NBA League Pass. It also works with TikTok, where users can share their feeds, with anyone scrolling through whenever they choose.

For the Disney+ and NBA experiences, all callers involved must have subscriptions to use SharePlay.

There are already several apps available on the App Store now which leverage SharePlay, including real estate app Redfin, streaming app Showtime, Apple's own Apple TV+ and Fitness apps, and Carrot Weather to share forecasts with others.

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