Apple TV speculation just another plot point in endless Pac-12 drama

You have heard the rumors and speculation earlier this week: Apple TV and the Pac-12 could potentially strike a deal. We don’t know. It’s not a foregone conclusion or a formality at this point. Everything is still quite uncertain.

The talk is impossible to avoid, however, and it isn’t very reassuring for Pac-12 schools who are worrying that a future media rights package will amount to bread crumbs.

College Wire has more on this story:

“The heat is on for the Pac-12,” Patrick Conn wrote. “Currently, the Big 12 has been reported as interested in the four corner schools. Would landing Apple keep Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, and Utah from joining? That remains to be seen and it is unlikely that an all-streaming service would keep everyone happy.

“The longer that the Pac-12 goes without a long-term deal, the more likely that we could see schools entertain other conferences.”

The Big 12 would be that conference. The Big Ten seems happy with its 16-member arrangement, including USC and UCLA in 2024.

Stay tuned for the next plot point in this ongoing drama.

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Story originally appeared on Trojans Wire