Apple told suppliers iPhone 13 demand slow - report

Apple has told its parts suppliers that demand for its iPhone 13 lineup has slowed.

That's according to sources quoted in a report by Bloomberg.

It would be a sign that some consumers have decided against trying to get the hard-to-find item.

The U.S. tech giant had already cut production of the iPhone 13 by as many as 10 million units due to a global chip shortage.

The report says that Apple has now told vendors that those orders may not materialize.

Apple and some of its suppliers did not immediately respond for comments.

The firm is one of many to have been hit by a lack of semiconductors.

The issue first emerged due to high demand for smartphones and personal gadgets during the health crisis.

It has now stretched out to affect the auto industry and disrupted production at a wide range of major companies.

Supply constraints cost Apple $6 billion in sales in the fiscal fourth quarter.

The firm's Chief Executive Tim Cook warned earlier this year that the impact of those supply issues will be worse during the holiday quarter.

He also said the chip shortage affected most of the company's products.

Nikkei reported last month that Apple had even cut back production of iPad tablets to save components for the iPhone 13.