This app has created a community around wellness

The Op e n app promotes peace of mind through guided sessions in breathwork, meditation, yoga, and pilates.

Video Transcript

RAED KHAWAJA: Anxiety, stress, they're all happening to a disordered level. And it's really the defining epidemic in our generation. It's essential that we train our minds to have a muscle that can actually sustain our attention.

MANOJ DIAS: Really what we're inviting you to do through Open is to listen to what it is you need. Be it when you're interacting with the app, or when you're interacting with the world. Like, can you be mindful of what is it that I need at this moment?


RAED KHAWAJA: Hi, my name is Raed. I co-founded Open, a mindfulness studio for all.

MANOJ DIAS: Hi, my name is Manoj Dias. I am a co-founder at Open, and VP of mindfulness.

RAED KHAWAJA: There's been a narrow marketing to what meditation should look like, or sound like.

MANOJ DIAS: What we're trying to do is make it more collaborative, and so the ability to turn on a camera, the ability for the teacher to see, for example, how you're sitting. Instantaneously make the experience A, more personal, but for everyone else that's also watching, that they can learn.

RAED KHAWAJA: The app is really designed to be a means for individual and social practice.

MANOJ DIAS: And if the universe is actually moving in the direction of the metaverse, we're having to really create new ways of being able to cultivate this connection. Meditation ultimately is a connection to ourselves and each other. What I'm learning over time is that's through any means necessary.